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For Those Who Care About Quality

In a world that has lost touch with the meaning of quality, we oppose the short-lived thrill of trends and “fast fashion” to remind you what value should be. Determined to unearth brands and pieces that share those values, we’re paving a path for those who, like us, demand more from the products they use every day - conscious manufacture, detail and quality.

The New Silk Road?

We’ve built a home for some of the finest craftsmanship brands in the world, celebrating their talent and making them available to discerning people like you.

Made In Workshops, Not Sweatshops

As one of our core values, unwavering quality lies in everything we do. It’s at the heart of the brands we work with, and it’s what brings people like you our way - a joint passion for consciously designed, beautifully crafted products made to last.

The Editions

Fuelled by our community, we create Limited Editions of your favourite products, celebrating the brands behind them with our own personal touch. Highly-anticipated pieces released in limited quantities, consolidating a consciously curated wardrobe one Edition at a time.