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About Bombinate

Our Story and how it all began

Welcome to Bombinate, the new destination for men who seek extraordinary, high-quality products. We've roamed Europe and beyond in search of the world's finest workshops, with the mission to deliver their craft and stories to discerning men like you. More than just discovering the finest products, we invite you to explore The Hive, home to our inspiring curated content.

Inspired by the Silk Road

The idea to build Bombinate came to life last Summer on a bumpy road between Russia and Mongolia; two months earlier, we had taken up the challenge to drive across the globe (from London to Siberia to be exact) in a Nissan Micra for charity. This life-changing adventure embarked us on the legendary Silk Road, which extends from Istanbul across Iran and Central Asia.

Pamir Highway - Tajikistan
The beast resting

An idea in the making

Along the Silk Road, we experienced what our ancestors had endured for centuries in order to trade exotic materials and quality goods. Truly special products were hard to get by, and transporting them has always demanded many sacrifices. Many times, we’d stop and try to pack our tiny car with the beautiful creations we discovered along the road. Sadly, the only free space in our Nissan was made to contain food and we couldn’t bring back any sumptuous gifts for ourselves or our families.

"On the Silk Road, we witnessed what our ancestors had to endure and overcome during centuries to trade exotic materials and quality goods."

Back to Europe - the Quest for Quality

Back from the other end of the world, we took it as our mission to discover the new generation of artisans promoting superior clothing, accessories and lifestyle goods.

So we hit the road, again. We organized spontaneous trips to Spain, France, Italy and England, and set out to meet the fascinating people behind the new face of craftsmanship. Our journey was a truly rewarding, enriching one; we discovered dozens of proud, passionate creators and hundreds of stunning handcrafted products. All were beautiful, well-made things, yet few people would ever find them. If only there was a way to unite all of these brands in one same place and showcase them to the world… Ah, and Bombinate was born.

"Why Bombinate, you ask? The verb refers to the buzzing noise made by bees. Our craftsmanship brands, just like bees, are at the centre of their ecosystem."

No word seemed to emblazon the passion and purpose with which we had built our plan, until Bombinate. Why Bombinate, you ask? Because bombination refers to the buzzing noise made by bees. Craftsmanship brands, very much like honey bees, are at the center of their ecosystem.

In our hope to create a vibrant and bustling community, we're on a mission to discover the brands that move our world. More than just a voice for those who inspire us, Bombinate is a synonym of quality, savoir-faire and a story worth sharing.

- Elliott & Mana