Shop by your Values

Story, Quality, Impact and Craftsmanship are our four pillars of excellence. Ever since Bombinate began its journey, we identified these pillars to define what we care about and how we select the finest brands to join our community.


It’s important for us that every piece on Bombinate means something – to you, and to the people who designed it. Whenever a new brand joins our community, we make sure to take the time to ask what inspires them, how they innovate, their sense of heritage and how they began their own story. Discover and shop all the Story values below:


Before a brand makes it onto Bombinate, we touch, see and feel every product to gain a better understanding of its quality. This means that when you choose one of our brands, you know each material that's being used and where it's coming from, so you can rest assured that each piece is made to last. Discover and shop all the Quality values below:


When it comes to values, we don't believe in compromising. High-quality pieces can and should be made fairly, with integrity. When it comes to handpicking brands, we always enquire about what environmental causes and charities they support and question if their employees and partners are compensated fairly. Discover and shop all the Impact values below:


It's essential that the brands we work with place as much importance on process and provenance as we do. Before a brand joins our community of artisans, we enquire about how each piece is made, the processes and who made it. That's why it's crucial we know about the location of our brand's workshops and the techniques used to craft their collections. Discover and shop all the Craftsmanship values below:

This is how we help you discover the best brands from around the world. For each of our pillars, we asked ourselves:

"What is important to us?"

It's our way of identifying and displaying values that matter to us, to our community of brand founders and to you.