5 interior trends to look for in 2022

Words By Saj Azam

Edited by Alice Florence Orr

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Natural influences will be a big trend in 2022

What design trends, how to embrace them and why they’re here to stay

2022 hasn’t even begun, but we already have an insight into what interior trends will be dominating and impacting our beloved spaces next year. The last year was all about making the most of your home, while 2022 sees some continuation there with a focus on creating a homely feel that’s steered by sustainability and conscious design.

Lighting that leaves a lasting impression, rich lustful purples and lots of oatmeal furnishings – these are just a few of our favourites. You heard it here first — here’s our interior design forecast for 2022.

Warm Nordic add touches of natural Scandi elegance

All Things Natural

A timeless trend that’ll suit spaces of any size, this style takes things back to basics with natural fibres, an earthy colour palette and designs that are rooted in sustainability. Oak, cotton and wool are just some of the materials you’ll want to look out for when picking furniture and soft furnishings. This design trend is all about keeping it simple and adding warmth and softness to your surroundings.

Top tip: Potted plants are a great way to add a natural touch, colour and some zest to your home.

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Deep Jewel Tones

Emerald green, ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple and citrine yellow – a bold choice when it comes to decorating, deep jewel tones exude the ultimate feeling of opulence and luxury. To achieve this aesthetic, combine textures like velvet and silk for decadent furnishings. This trend is ideal for adding character to your space, complement your rich-hues with neutral basics for a look that’ll age like a fine wine.

Top tip: All about being bold, this trend isn’t about playing it safe, go big with colourful artwork and tonal seating.

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Handcrafted and Recycled

2022 will be the year of hand-craftsmanship and ethical design. Placing an emphasis on timelessness and pieces with a story, it’s the perfect opportunity to combine vintage pieces, hand-me-downs and up-cycled projects with artisan finds that have been made in workshops, not sweatshops. To get this look, pick pieces that have a natural, raw feel and look to them in warm and earthy tones.

Top tip: Recycled furniture is not only created ethically but is often biodegradable and better for the planet.

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Mismatched, rematched

Mix and match is an interior trend that promotes full creative freedom. Perfect for those who want to have it all, or couples who can’t come to an interior design solution that satisfies both their designing needs. To achieve this look, combine various elements, your Bauhaus with Scandi chic and complement it with that vintage cabinet you got from your grandma. The way to nail this trend is to stick to limited colours and patterns and have one piece that acts as your focal point, whether it be a rug or a sofa.

Top tip: Oak, teak or mahogany? Stick to one type of wood across your space for continuity.

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Illuminate with Statement Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element of the designing process and can often be a tricky one to nail. This particular trend brings lighting to the forefront of the process by making it the focal point of your space. Whether you’re opting for wall sconces, a standing wood lamp or an elegant ceiling light, choose consciously with regards to materials and the ambience you want to create. Check our lighting guide for the how, where and what of lighting your space.

Top tip: Start with the lights and work the rest of the furniture around it.

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So, as you prepare to decorate your home for the year ahead, do so with quality craftsmanship, conscious choices and timelessness in mind. It’s all about creating an environment that oozes comfort, familiarity and is uniquely yours.

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