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3 contemporary sideboards that look good in any home

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Sideboards are the perfect complement to a functional, stylish home. And thanks to the addition of contemporary details, quality materials and trendy rattan, these subtle storage staples are popular again. Long gone are the days when a sideboard was just the thing you put your television on — interest in mid-century modern interiors means that sideboards are once again the focal points of countless lounges, dining rooms and hallways.

When choosing a sideboard, quality is everything. So forget catalogues and opt for a well-made piece straight from a workshop. We’ve curated three striking sideboards that will elevate most rooms, no matter your current decor, thanks to their simple aesthetics and space-saving design.

The Traditional Wooden Sideboard

by Woodman

Do you have a period home? Accentuate those original features with a traditional, solid wood sideboard that perfectly harmonises old and new. When it comes to paying homage to a traditional design, Woodman are the carpenters to know.

Since 1999, the Baltic design brand have been crafting long-lasting furniture from their workshop in Estonia, putting them at the forefront of the golden age of Baltic design. Their Pimlico Sideboard in Dark Wood/Brass is a contemporary take on a classic walnut sideboard, with shaker-style doors and FSC-certified materials. The addition of the brass legs and handles elevates this sideboard from wallflower to centre stage. Try styling with a simple yet unusual vase, such as Sheyn’s 3D printed designs.

Crafted from melamine and aluminium

The Minimalist Sideboard


If you’re a fan of modern elegance, we recommend’s Midnight Blue Bau Sideboard for three reasons. Firstly, the sophisticated design is highly durable thanks to matt melamine and aluminium, making it a fantastic piece for highly frequented spaces. The second reason? Colour. This deep midnight blue shade is delightfully different while being the epitome of understated luxury, but if you prefer, the piece also comes in almond grey or black. The final reason is craftsmanship — embodies the best of Polish design, ensuring quality finishes and transparent production practices.

Still not convinced? The Bau Sideboard is inspired by mid-century design, making it the perfect upgrade for fans of the era. Style it with bold yellows and graphic prints.

The Rattan Sideboard

by Kann Design

We can’t get enough of rattan. Thanks to it’s natural colour palette and easy-to-style texture, it has been rediscovered as a design staple in thousands of homes. Made of a type of flexible grass, rattan is a sustainable and versatile material that works well in most interior styles, from Mediterranean chic to Scandi minimalism.

In light of rattan’s rise in popularity, it has become more important than ever to choose a quality piece of furniture that was manufactured by responsible craftspeople. That’s where brands like Kann Design are leading the way in the world of European-made artisan furniture. To style, add other natural hues, such as Schneid’s Aura Vases.

Functional and elegant, we’re convinced there’s a sideboard for every home. That’s why we’ve curated the best sideboards that match our high standards of quality, production and sustainability. Every piece tells a story. Create yours with our sideboard edit and add a touch of artisanship to your space.

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