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5 design pieces from sustainable French brand TIPTOE

Words by Saj Azam

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Contemporary style furniture from TIPTOE

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The French brand on a journey to craft beautiful, practical and sustainable furniture that’s made to last

Rooted firmly in family history and heritage — TIPTOE was founded in 2015 by Vincent Quesada and Matthieu Bourgeaux, the third generation of entrepreneurs committed to quality craftsmanship. Their aim? To design and bring to life visually aesthetic, highly-functional and long-lasting furniture that’ll change the face of interior design today.

What’s so great about TIPTOE?

TIPTOE craft all their furniture in accordance with their 5 Principles For Sustainable Design. They take a holistic approach and each piece they produce needs to meet the following criteria: 1) be simple in its creation 2) be driven by high functionality 3) source the best materials that are PEFC and FSC certified 4) be robust and made to last in durability and style 5) and be designed with disassembly, reparability and recyclability in mind.

SSD Chair with eco-certified oak wood
Lou Stool Design process

Where are TIPTOE products made?

Based in the heart of Paris, TIPTOE are a French brand through and through. In 1947 Henri Bourgeaux’s grandfather founded a small company in the French Alps near Chamonix manufacturing metal. The factory was later passed down to Bourgeaux’s father and uncle, and more recently his brothers — and this is where TIPTOE’s metal components have been carefully crafted, since 2015. TIPTOE also work with several partners across Europe in Belgium, the Netherlands and UK to name a few, that specialise in woodworking or the conception of conscious materials like recycled plastic.

How is TIPTOE furniture made?

Bourgeaux’s family business specialises in a metalworking technique called bar turning, a method consisting of processing metal bars into precision components. While their wood is exclusively sourced from ethically managed European forests that wear the FSC and PEFC badge of honour. And since 2019, TIPTOE have been using reclaimed wood, sourced from destroyed European buildings like barns and old warehouses and reworked, offering a second lease of life. They also use recycled plastic in their tabletops and recycled polyester that’s Oeko-Tex certified.

Here are 5 TIPTOE pieces you didn’t know you needed

Eucalyptus Grey Balthazar Dining Table in Reclaimed Wood

Choose from reclaimed or eco-certified wood

A reclaimed and recycled wood tabletop sits securely on TIPTOE’s four signature stainless steel legs. Crafted according to their 5 Principles for Sustainable Design, this timelessly classic, Scandi style oak dining table comes flat-packed and can seat up to six people — making it the perfect piece for family homes and those who like to entertain and host a dinner party or two.

Graphite Black Monochrome Desk – Eco-certified wood

Promising a simple design that’ll complement all interior settings, the Graphite desk will look and feel at home in your study, living room or bedroom for the perfect WFH set-up. Uber functional, the monochrome desk features an oak wood tabletop with four 75 cm table legs and comes with the wave storage module which includes three drawers for anything you want to keep out of sight.

Ash Pink Venezia Coffee Table

The Cloudy White Venezia Coffee Table

The Venezia Coffee Table is a beautiful contemporary design that puts a colourful spin on a classic. The distinctive table top is carefully crafted from approximately 100 recycled yoghurt pots in metallic hues and colours, inspired by the material terrazzo — creating a unique Venetian aesthetic that’ll demand subtle attention in any living space.

Oak Mineral Blue Lou Stool

Designed to be ultra-versatile with a bold injection of colour, TIPTOE's Lou Stool features a solid oak or beech wood top with powder-coated steel legs. Use it as a bedside table, a side table to rest your coffee or as an extra seat wherever it may be needed. Plus — thanks to its simple and functional design, the stools can be easily stacked, assembled and disassembled in less than a minute.

Rosemary Green Duke Bench

The Green Duke Oak Bench

The Duke Bench features a PEFC certified, solid oak tabletop with four 43 cm powder-coated steel legs. A simple, yet effective design, the Duke Bench is one of those pieces you’ll use for years to come and pass on to the next generation of interior enthusiasts to enjoy.

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