50 ideas to celebrate Earth Day

Words by Team Bombinate

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At Bombinate, we are proud to work with brands that make a conscious effort to employ sustainable practices and protect the environment. And for this very reason, we only curate brands that align with our four essential pillars of Quality, Craft, Story and Ethics.

It's been over 50 years since the first Earth Day was celebrated, and after half a century of giving a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet, we are still fighting for a healthier, happier place to live. This year for Earth Day, we wanted to share with you some actionable ideas to make a difference and alleviate our impact on the environment today, tomorrow and beyond.

50 actionable ideas to make a difference

1. Ditch bottled water for a week, a month, a lifetime

2. Save energy by turning off your camera

3. Eat vegetarian for a day (or longer)

4. Plan your weekly meals and avoid waste

5. Only use reusable carriers like tote bags, coffee cups and water battles

6. Grow your own windowsill herbs – better for you and the environment

7. Upcycle or donate any old clothes rather than binning them

8. Walk or cycle to places rather than using transport or driving

9. Turn the TV off an hour early and do something different – like reading a book

10. When purchasing cleaning products, choose eco-friendly options

11. Wash your clothing at a lower temperature – they'll last longer and it's kinder to the planet

12. Support local businesses for a week, then try for longer

13. Have a shorter shower in the morning

14. Unplug electronics when not in use

15. Donate an hour or two of your time to a local clean up initiative

16. Compost your food scraps, tea bags and food waste

17. Replace any old lightbulbs with eco-friendly alternatives like LED bulbs

18. Spend the day foraging in the countryside – make sure to check what is edible and what isn't

19. Switch from cotton pads to reusable cloths and pads

20. Treat yourself or your loved one to a nice, relaxing bath – and save some water

21. Regrow cutoffs from vegetables like celery, cabbage, fennel, spring onions, bok choy and leeks in a little bit of water in a jar and keep by the window

22. Repurpose any packaging or gift wrap for future presents and create less waste

23. Why not learn to make your own soap at home and leave behind plastic bottles (they make great gifts too)

24. Live near your colleagues? Carpool for a day, week, month or year and take turns = less fuel

25. Keep a set of cutlery in your bag and never pick up a plastic fork again

26. Next time your hand soap runs out, consider purchasing a refill instead of a new dispenser

27. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth

28. Got any leftover water in a bottle? Don't spill it, nourish your home plants with it instead

29. Make your own home cleaning products using lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda

30. Switch to rechargeable batteries

31. Got old electronics, clothing and batteries lying around? Request recycle bags from your local council and remove clutter responsibly

32. Fill your dishwasher to capacity before turning on – no half-full loads

33. Let the dandelions in your garden grow and help out the bees

34. Use Ecosia, a search engine using the profits made by users' searches to plant trees where needed

35. If meat is a must for you, go to your local butchers and make them your new best friend

36. Give the tumble dryer a rest and air dry your clothes

37. Use loose leaf tea or eco-friendly tea bags for your mid-morning cuppa

38. Give old furniture a lease of new life by painting and adding fresh details rather than throwing it away

39. Start using a bamboo toothbrush, at the end of its lifecycles, simple remove the bristles and recycle

40. Invest in reusable straws made from metal

41. Next time you go grocery shopping, only buy fruit and veg that's not in plastic wrap

42. Break down your cardboard boxes and packaging to save space in your recycling bin

43. Switch to paperless, online statements and bills from your bank, energy, gas and bill suppliers

44. Self impose an online shopping ban for a day, a week or more and reduce your carbon footprint

45. Switch to renewable energy suppliers

46. Learn to sew and mend your own clothing

47. Don't pour any oil down the drain, instead once cooled, sift any pieces out, store it and reuse up to four times – then put into a non-leak non-recyclable container and bin

48. Insulate any draughty windows or doors and use less heat

49. Use old newspapers and white vinegar to wipe windows

50. Use your voice to spread knowledge and raise awareness regarding the planet

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