7 interior trends that made 2021

Words By Saj Azam

Edited By Alice Florence Orr

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Sculptural accents were a major trend in 2021

2021 was certainly a year of change — we reflect on all things interior design, furniture and home decor by taking a look at what inspired us over the past twelve months. While some moved away from the hustle and bustle of city life for the quiet of the country, others made the most of post-lockdown life in their current homes.

Whichever group you were part of, it's clear that our focus, attitudes and what we want from our dwellings have shifted, evident in the interior trends that have swept our Pinterest boards. Let's look back at the biggest interior trends of 2021.

Our exclusive bouclé edition of Sternzeit's classic chair

Soft To The Touch — Bouclé

This one's a personal favourite of ours — bouclé is a type of fabric that is created by looping yarn in small to large circles, producing an almost curly textured material. Not only does it look comfortable but it feels it too, offering ultimate warmth and cosiness. And 2021 was the year that it made its comeback in the form of armchairs, sofas and blankets. A cornerstone of minimalist design, bouclé is a versatile trend that's ideal for adding warmth and comfort in neutral shades. This classic Sternzeit Retrostar in luxe bouclé is the perfect example.

Make a Statement with Sculptural Furniture

Furniture that strikes a pose, these pieces seek to combine design with functionality. Organic, curved and dramatic shapes took centre stage this year with armchairs, sofas, tables and lighting in fluid, abstract shapes. A contrast from the usual rectangle, round and square shapes we see, these sculptural pieces — like this Egg Chair from Warm Nordic offer an informal and playful touch to any interior.

Discover sustainable linen from Baltic brand Linen Tales

Escape to the Country with Cottagecore

Inspired by the desire to escape from urban life, the cottagecore trend is all about home comforts with a little bit of character. Think floral, nature-esque patterns, textures, warm earthy tones, woods and one of a kind pieces that have been passed on through the generations. Cottagecore doesn't seek to be perfect. Rather, it seeks to feel lived in – it's all about comfort and familiarity with natural textiles and layering materials.

Anna Badur's ceramics are inspired by the sea

By The Seaside

For a home that echoes memories of long weekends in Cornwall or Devon, this trend was led by blues across the palette with Cornflower Blue leading the way — invoking feelings of relaxation, comfort, calm and peace all year round. Complete the look with light and white wooded furniture, neutral tones and matching soft furnishings. This timeless trend is easy to achieve with pieces like the Oak Bau Bookcase from Woodman, reminiscent of portholes with soft textiles like this dreamy piece from Rug Solid.

Say Hello to Modern Rattan

This trend is all about combing the old with the new. Modern rattan brings the best of both worlds together by pairing modern, minimalist pieces with vintage style, classic rattan furniture. Rattan’s a sustainable trend that’s been around for a while and adds a natural, Mediterranean feel to any interior space. Kann Design’s Rattan Sideboard is a great example of this trend when styled with something like this refined, simple shelving system from Studio Hausen.

Traditionally crafted, these cushions are by English brand Fifteen Fifteen

Think Big with Maximalism

Maximalism is all about going big, the opposite of its sister trend that we all know and love — minimalism. It’s a design element that’s been around for centuries but made its comeback in 2021 with larger than life prints and bold colourways, allowing you to showcase all your favourite pieces at once. Play with patterns and textures in a fun and vibrant way, combining various design styles and principles for a space that’s uniquely yours. For example, you may want to match this contemporary chair by Coedition with a traditional patterned rug from Edito.

Noo.ma's shelving is chic, colourful and functional

Bring The Outside In

All about bringing a little bit of the great outdoors in, this particular trend asks for nature-inspired decor, earthy-tones and plants-galore. Not only are plants great for purifying the air, boosting your mood, productivity and reducing feelings of stress. Natural influences are great for any homes that may come short on outdoor spaces too.

Top Tip: Wall art is another easy way to achieve this look with au naturel prints like this one from Dan Hobday or Albertine Baronius’s elegant photography.

It’s safe to say that it’s been quite the year when it comes to interior trends. With an emphasis on comfort, character and creativity, 2021’s trends are still making waves as this year draws to a close.

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