A Scandinavian home for the holidays with Henna Lempiäinen

Words By Alice Florence Orr

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"My account was focused on "boho" and vintage, then I realised that wasn’t my style at all." - Henna Lempiäinen

Henna Lempiäinen has been renovating her home in Helsinki for three years. The interior design enthusiast has wasted no time turning an empty space into a house that's not just magazine-worthy, but a functional family home. Living in southern Finland with her husband Pyry, their two young boys and the beloved family dog.

Henna inspires her community by regularly sharing photographs of her decor, choosing quality, crafted pieces from the best European designers. "My home is all about a neutral palette," Henna explains, "which I spice up with a little bit of contrast and decor that challenges the cream interior, so it doesn’t look too pale." The result? Henna's home is a Scandinavian dream, and we couldn't wait to hear all about her renovation.

Adding rattan touches keeps a neutral home contemporary
Henna adds statement lighting to illuminate the Finnish winter

Henna moved to their two-level detached home from a smaller house close to the Helsinki city centre. Although their previous location was convenient for Henna's work, having kids necessitated more space and after having moved, they now enjoy a yard where they spend time as a family with their ageing dog. It wasn't long before Henna's creativity took off. "I started documenting my interior journey a couple of years ago on Instagram. At first, my account was focused on "boho" and vintage — then I realised that wasn’t my style at all." Though Henna still loves vintage and second-hand treasures, she masterfully mixes them with contemporary pieces. "I want to combine them with my soft, Scandinavian style — along with some Japandi vibes."

Top Tip: Japandi is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian vibes characterised by minimal design, neutral hues and forms inspired by nature. Think luxurious textures and beautifully functional pieces. Look no further than Kay Bojensen's quality tableware, designed in Denmark and made by Japanese artisans.

A bouclé chair adds texture and warmth
Touches of black and "Japandi" toughen Henna's look

Henna adores the winter season. "I love Christmas because I can pamper loved ones with DIY gifts such as some lovely scented laundry vinegar in nice bottles or DIY decorated candles." This year is all about slow gifting. We can't wait to try some of Henna's sustainable present ideas. What is the next quality item on her wishlist? "A pendant lamp for our dining space. I really like the current one — but winter is so dark here that I really need more light. I’ve got my eyes already on something!" For a gift for him, Henna suggests a quality set of kitchen knives like these from Veark. For her, try a scented candle by Tiipoi. Henna's got her eye on their beautiful scents and packaging.

Henna's home is tasteful, contemporary and inviting. Striking light features are the focal point of every room, with touches of rattan and bouclé to keep her neutral palette modern. Despite favouring whites, creams and browns, Henna isn't afraid to take risks in her homeware, using large mirrors, playful seating and geometric marble side tables to add intrigue to her interiors. We asked Henna where she finds her endless inspiration. "I see it everywhere. On television, in magazines and books, in art, while travelling — and of course on Instagram."

"The positive thing about a cream interior is that is calm and soothing, a place for my mind to rest. But the negative part is that I always have this ongoing struggle — I don’t want it to look too girly or romantic and that’s why the Japandi touches and black details are really essential."

A statement chair elevates any home office
"Keeping my interior minimal with kids is quite impossible..."

Despite giving serious magazine vibes, Henna's house is still a family home. She prioritises a good morning routine, especially in the winter, and sharing homemade food with her family is an important ritual. "In the morning, our kids love oat bread with peanut butter and fruit. I have the same, but with tahini (a sesame paste) — and always have two double espressos. On weekends, we love to take slow brunches with blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, or croissants with sweet or savoury fillings."

All these delicious home-cooked meals made us wonder: how does Henna keep her home so clean with two small children and a dog? "Keeping my interior minimal with kids is quite impossible, but we have many toy boxes and try to make cleaning after our messes a fun game. Our kids play in our living room so there are Legos, train tracks and little cars everywhere. Routine is essential. In the evenings, we always put everything in their own places."

We're so inspired by Henna's curation process and commitment to cosy winter routines. Read on to find out what's on Henna's Cosy Christmas Wishlist. Discover our Gift Shop for conscious presents, made in Europe by artisan makers - there's something for every wish.

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Henna's Cosy Christmas Wishlist