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Small Spaces: Affordable wall decor to make an impact

Words by Alice Florence Orr

Five Minute Read

Walls are focal points of your home and decorating them can be a simple and striking way to give a space new life — but when it comes to creating a unique gallery wall, where do you start?

Whatever your budget, you can transform your space with prints that capture your taste and personality. A curated gallery wall is not only an affordable way to update your style, but they are a sophisticated touch that work just as well for renters as they do for those who own their home. Frames are becoming more readily available at lower costs, putting the role of gallerist in your hands — but if this is your first time decorating your home, or you're in need of new inspiration, then look no further than these wall art tips.

Re-frame your expectations of affordable wall decor with our guide to creating a gallery wall that suits your personal style.

Minimalist prints by Orara Studio
Realism No. 44 by Atelier Cph

Tip. 1 - Find your perfect colours for a harmonious palette

Look at your space: are you favouring cool or warm tones? Finding the right colours to compliment your furniture is the easiest way to narrow your scope. Filter a curated page of quality prints by colour and examine them with an eye for these shades. Do any appeal to you? Do they match your aesthetic? Put them in your basket and see if they look good together — then imagine what they would look like on your wall.

Tip. 2 - Mix artistic prints and family photographs

Have you considered incorporating forgotten family photos with your art pieces? It's a nostalgic way to add interest and give your wall a personal touch. These days, it's relatively inexpensive to have your photos printed at nearby supermarkets, pharmacies, or even online. Make sure that the colours compliment your existing prints — or choose art that will work with your existing family heirlooms.

Alternatively, you can discover a wide selection of photography that ranges from natural images to cityscapes in our curated edits. A black and white or vintage photograph will give your gallery wall a touch of sophistication without breaking the bank.

Flaming by By Garmi
Realism No. 54 by Atelier Cph

Tip. 3 - Don't follow trends, find art that you'll admire for years

It might be tempting to copy everything you see on social media, but this can more expensive in the long term. If you don't feel authentically about a print or piece of art, you will most likely have to replace it when the next fad comes along.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying trends. After all, what's not to love about the warm toned geometric prints? But make sure you'll enjoy them for longer than a season.

Investing in a limited edition piece, like a hand made cyanotype print by Kind of Cyan, is an effective way of elevating your wall decor. Combining affordable prints with original work will complete your vision and support European artists.

Tip. 4 - Mix different sizes to create a gallery wall that's unique to you

Most prints will come in a variety of sizes, from A5 to A0. Choose a larger statement piece as a focal point, such as a print by Céderic Pierre Bez, a colourful artist based in Montpellier. Compliment your central piece with neutral prints, abstract images and calming photography.

When shopping for art prints online, make sure to find a retailer that uses high quality images and printing processes. Our local UK based printing partner has been in the business for years. We love their sustainable process, in which they use 100% cotton, 315 gsm soft matte art paper. They expertly apply ink using the fine art giclée printing method, a technique which gives exceptional detail and means your print will stay put for up to 100 years.

Fuji Sun by Rosi Feist
Realism No. 52 by Atelier Cph

Investing in a gallery wall is the perfect design update for any space, even small apartments. Over time, you can build up a collection that's unique to you. Whether you want an affordable limited edition piece, or a quality print under £50, we have curated a selection of European artists to compliment your taste and decor, and by choosing well-made prints that you genuinely love, these pieces will stay with you — wherever you end up living.

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