Anne Linde is challenging stereotypes about Danish design

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Anne Linde has been pushing the boundaries of design-led storage solutions for over twenty years with innovative shelving that fits seamlessly into any living space. Working with strong, flexible materials such as metal, Linde re-imagines what we expect from home decor through her modern living essentials. Describing her philosophy as "cosmopolitcial", Linde used her early studies in England to her advantage, allowing her to think beyond Danish design conventions.

Linde loves books, but she had grown tired of old-fashioned bookshelves that didn't feel cohesive with her contemporary lifestyle. So began her mission to reinvent storage stereotypes, and through this creative freedom, Linde created a new Danish design tradition by envisioning ageless and versatile storage. Her pieces are crafted to last a lifetime and look great in any space — be it in a store, restaurant, or your home.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Anne Linde about her inspiration, reading recommendations and advice for entrepreneurs.

Anne Linde at her studio

What gave you the idea to use metal as your material of choice?

I love metal. There is a sort of "no nonsense" feel to it and it is very elegant and clean. It is very durable and can be reused again and again. Metal can be bent, moulded, welded... there are so many possibilities.

Did you encounter resistance to your vision?

Scandinavian people are wood lovers, so it took a while for people to understand that metal is a fantastic material. I do not design for specific spaces or people. My products can be multiplied and put together in numerous ways to fit into all kinds of interiors, large or small. They are for everyone.

Is sustainability important for you and your brand?

Sustainability is important. Most aluminium used today is comprised of recycled aluminium which we use to our advantage in Anne Linde designs. Furthermore, it is very durable and can be repainted. Imagine: a material that can be reused for generations to come.

You have previously talked about your love of reading. What are your recommendations for those interested in design?

I really love books on Japanese design and the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. I think the way he writes is very simple and straightforward, just as the Japanese also approach their design. I also love books on folding techniques, so I would recommend Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form by Paul Jackson. His work inspires my contemporary bookshelf design.

If you tell your past self one thing before starting Anne Linde, what would it be?

Where to start! I really should have brought an administrative/sales partner onboard from the beginning. Such a simple hire would have made everything so much easier.

Do you have advice for other female designers and entrepreneurs?

Being a entrepreneur, no matter who you are, is like being on a roller coaster. It goes up and down. Starting a brand is not easy, so surround yourself with other entrepreneurs or people who can support and advise when things are not going the way you intended.

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