These Brands Are the Frontier of Baltic Design

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Your next style destination is the Baltic coast, where design studios are combining years of traditional knowledge with a fresh, contemporary vision. Just as Scandinavian style has become eponymous with quality, Baltic craftsmanship is notable for its skill and refinement, and the result is a new golden age of iconic design. Often inspired by nature and sustainability, designers such as EMKO and Jaanus Orgusaar are cultivating design-led minimalism, making Baltic furniture increasingly admired around the world.

Discover our curated selection of innovative Baltic designers, selected for their compelling stories and focus on conscious manufacturing, which they achieve through ultra-modern design and craftsmanship.


You won't be able to look away from EMKO's eye-catching, contemporary design. By using their materials in innovative and unexpected ways, EMKO stands out as a frontrunner of modern Lithuanian craft. Their distinctive furniture, such as the iconic Macaron Lamp, is the result of designer Silvia Ceñal's experimentation with simple materials and proportions, creating a modern, playful aesthetic that is loved around the world.

EMKO designs have a signature charm and aesthetic that can be found in their combination of bold, primary colours and light, Scandi-inspired wood. Taking design principles from Western European, Northern Scandinavia, and Eastern Russian, EMKO have created a look that will stand out in your living space or study. We love their stylish and functional writing desks in a beautiful ash wood, the perfect surface for remote working, or their quirky Naive Semi Bar Stool, ideal for entertaining guests.

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Known for their quality materials and sophisticated forms, Virūna have been crafting memorable pieces in Lithuania since 1994. Founded by designer Vytautas Paulauskas, the furniture brand has grown from a one-man studio to being a leading manufacturer of high-class furniture. We were drawn to Virūna's expert finishes and use of unprocessed wood in their unique, modern aesthetic.

We love the elegant curves on the Apollo Sideboard and the functional minimalism of the Octo Shelving System. When you think of contemporary Baltic design, you will think of Virūna.

Linen Tales

The environmental benefits of linen are no secret, as its production takes far less water than cotton. Manufactured from flax fibres, linen is a sustainable option that is both luxuriously soft and temperature regulating. Lithuania brand Linen Tales produce high-quality linen using techniques honed by local craftsmen, focusing on simplicity in their design process, supply chain, and logistics choices.

From bedsheets to table cloths, these are pieces made for living. When you use Linen Tales, you are experiencing the care and comfort that comes from hundreds of years of Lithuanian craftsmanship, including specialist dyeing, softening, and weaving techniques. Who said luxury couldn't be practical? Linen Tales are proud of their story, and we adore their passion for quality.


Founded in 1999, Woodman is a design brand with an eye for contemporary, chic wooden furniture. In fact, Woodman are the biggest design furniture factory in Estonia - but the craftsmanship behind their furniture means they don't sacrifice on quality. By using FSC-certified materials, Woodman maintains high ethical standards and make their furniture pieces with longevity in mind. Their classic designs are elevated with accents of metal, veneer and stone, and we love their unexpected details, such as the scalloped base of the Oak Soft Coffee Table. Adorned with tasteful blocks of brilliant colour, a Woodman desk, console, or cabinet will perfectly complement your home.

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Jaanus Orgusaar

Inspired by the natural world, designer Jaanus Orgusaar creates distinctive pieces that invite the outdoors into your home. The designer celebrates nature by protecting, rather than mimicking it, and every lamp or table is crafted with sustainability as a priority. Take their quintessential Nautilus Lamp, a clean and graceful design inspired by the beauty of the Estonian landscape, bringing life to your living space. With his signature creativity and elegance, Jaanus Orgusaar synthesises complex manufacturing with visual simplicity to create awe-inspiring pieces for modern living.

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