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Our stylish guide on where to eat, shop and stay in Portugal

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Our Travel Guide To:

Lisbon and Porto

Portugal is a country with real allure; not only does it have a thriving food culture, Portugal boasts world-class craftsmanship, making it a destination worth visiting. With hand-picked recommendations from our Portuguese team, we've assembled our guide on how to make the most of this vibrant, beautiful country.

La Base (Credit:
Amarazem (Credit @armazemluxuryhousing)

Where to stay in Porto + Lisbon


Menina Colina Guesthouse

Sample a taste of Porto’s food, hospitality and architecture at this bright, welcoming hotel. By harmonising traditional features—such as traditional tiles—with bold, contemporary decor, this guesthouse was recently renovated by architects

Armazém Architectural & Design Hotel

These minimalist apartments are perfect for fans of contemporary design. Thanks to their use of concrete and wood materials, the rooms feel cosy without being stuffy — the low ceilings tell the story of when the building once stored iron. Now, they keep memories.

Exmo Hotel

This boutique hotel is an architectural treat. Their suites are spacious and airy, thanks to the skylights and balconies that make you feel like you’re looking at the fabulous Porto view as a painting in a frame. With a wonderful bar serving speciality wines, craft beer, and brunch, you might forget to step outside...

La Base Apartment

Basically an elevated AirBnB, this airy apartment is an easy option for a city break. Appointed in contemporary, trendy furniture and full of natural sunlight, this is a simple, self-catered oasis for a weekend stay.

Exmo Hotel (Credit: @ivotavaresstudio)


Casa Azoia

This unique, minimalistic beach house is located on the coast close to Lisbon. It makes the ideal getaway for nature lovers and design fanatics alike. Whether for the view or the architecture, this holiday getaway will make you say wow.

Memoria Lisboa

Memoria hotel has a neutral, Scandi aesthetic that many will find just to their taste. This old building was recently refurbished and was once the house of Francisco Rodrigues da Cruz, better known as Padre Cruz. Located at the heart of the metropolis, this is a city hotel that aims to make you feel at home.

Patio Sao Vicente

If you’re dreaming of long, sultry evenings on a moonlit patio, stay at Patio Sao Vicente in Lisbon. Its colourful decor and welcoming vibe are second only to that swoon-worthy terrace. Pass your early mornings and late hours in this modern, self-catered holiday home.

Prado (Credit @prado_restaurante)
Nola Kitchen (Credit: @nolakitchen.porto)

Where to eat in Porto + Lisbon


Nola Kitchen

Our team loves Nola Kitchen’s innovative plates. In fact, our own Sara Silva says it's her “favourite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” A Portuguese local, Sara also recommends their mini-market for delicious, artisan ingredients.

C’alma Coffee Room

A serious coffee shop for real coffee lovers, C’alma still has a relaxed atmosphere and easy vibe. It’s a local favourite and a great place to meet friends for a quick catch-up.


Bla Bla Glu Glu

Bla Bla Glu Glu is an unassuming neighbourhood wine bar that has become a favourite amongst locals. Serving artisan wines from Portugal as well as imported vintages, this is a laid-back spot to enjoy a glass — or three. There are many spots in the area, but we think the smaller ones are some of the best wine bars in Portugal.


Prado’s farm-to-table modern Portuguese cuisine is showstopping. By prioritising the quality of their ingredients, Prado creates dishes that are deceptively simple and undeniable delicious.


We’re all about sustainability, and Arkhe makes fancy vegan food that’s not only scrumptious but good for the planet. Forget everything you thought you knew about plant-based eating. This is high-concept vegan food that pays homage to Portuguese tradition.

Discover Portugese brands...

The Oak Bee Lounge Chair by Porventura
Good Things Porto (Credit: @goodthingsporto)

Best places to shop in Porto + Lisbon


Claus Porto

Based in an old pharmacy, Claus Porto is an artisan perfume and soap specialist with a penchant for Art Deco style. Their exemplary products are a firm favourite amongst locals and tourists alike, thanks to their beguiling scents, unique shop and luxury aesthetic.

Good Things Porto

This concept store and café is hidden away in downtown Porto. It has a rustic, countrycore aesthetic with a bit of shabby chic thrown in for fun. Discover local brands and design favourites while sipping a coffee on their secret patio.


Gelba Bakery

A team favourite for perfect sourdough and delicious baked goods. All of their bread and pastries are made with 100% Portuguese grains and natural fermentation for a taste of authenticity.


Founded in 2017, Portuguese brand Porventura is best known for revisiting traditional designs with a whimsical touch. Each product is a beautiful combination of sustainable materials and skilled craftsmanship, for timeless pieces that elevate your home – while being kind to the planet. Porventura finishes all their furniture by hand in their Portuguese workshop, for premium quality in each piece. Visit their showroom: Rua Prior do Crato, N1 D 1350-159 Lisboa.


If you’re looking for a simple, sustainable wardrobe, Isto craft quality, GOTS certified pieces for men and women. Their production and pricing are transparent, a set of values we really admire; a visit to one of their stores reminds us of the huge potential for sustainable fashion.

Serralves (Credit: @shaunyness)
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Credit: @fcgulbenkian)

Where to visit in Porto + Lisbon


Casa da Música by OMA

Home of the National Orchestra of Portugal, this architectural marvel is not just a home for impressive music — the space is also a feast for the eyes and a perfect sightseeing destination for lovers of contemporary design.

Serralves Villa and Museum

This bright pink 1930s Art Deco house can be found in the park of Serralves in Porto. Once a summer residence, it was inherited by the second Count of Vizela, Carlos Alberto Cabral. The stunning interior is worth a visit, but don’t forget to explore the surrounding grounds.


Galleria 111

This modern art gallery is the oldest in Portugal. It’s also a firm favourite in our team, thanks to its city-centre location. Committed to showcasing the best of contemporary Portuguese art, the gallery also shows brilliant pieces by global artists.

Belem Tower

A historical landmark dating back to the 16th-century, Belem Tower is located on the coast with beautiful views of the sea. Crafted in limestone, the pale exterior looks ancient in contrast to the blue sky, making it a real beauty spot.

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

From exhibitions to live music, this is a destination for the best of modern Portuguese culture. With a constantly rejuvenating schedule, there is always something new to see and do at this gallery. Don’t forget to sun yourself in the peaceful surrounding gardens.

Casa da Música (Credit: @joandso)

The sustainable Lisbon wardrobe

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