Quality fabric needs care - here's how to wash it properly

Words by Alice Florence Orr

Three Minute Read

Whether for your home or wardrobe, investing in quality, long-lasting and natural fabrics is one of the best things you can do for our planet. In a world full of mass produced and often flimsy products, we believe in championing brands that do things differently. "Buy less, buy better" is the motto of the slow fashion movement, a sentiment embodied by brands like Neutrale and Artknit who prioritise in made-to-order craftsmanship and sustainable production.

Investing in quality, often more expensive garments means that we want them to last as long as possible. That's why we've put together a guide on caring for your fabrics and choosing the best, earth-friendly materials.

How To: Wash your fabrics

1. Lower the temperature

2. Avoid tumble drying, air-dry instead

3. Less detergent, preferably natural and non-bio

4. No fabric softener or fragrance

5. Wear your clothes more, for longer

Brushing your fingers across buttery-soft wool or stonewashed linen is a wonderful sensation. Nothing beats the touch and feel of high quality, natural materials. By choosing artisan, organic, and craftsmanship brands, these pieces will become wardrobe staples to last for years to come.

When choosing earth friendly materials, look for clothes made from certified and sustainable fabrics. When buying cotton or linen, it's not just about being organic. A GOTS certification will ensure your t-shirt or bed sheet is well-made and that the entire manufacturing process is sustainable, including the dying stage. Keep your eyes open for wool certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, ZQ Merino Standard, or the Soil Association Organic Standards and pick garments made from recycled wool or polyester to bring new life to old threads.

How To: Store summer swimwear for next year

1. Hand wash in cold water with a mild soap

2. Hang to dry in the shade or inside to dry naturally

3. Be wary in spas or heated pools - they have extra chemicals

4. Avoid leaving your swimwear rolled up in the towel after use

5. Use a garment bag until summer rolls around again

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