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Handmade geometric rugs for your home — from Nordic Knots to Christopher Farr

Words by Saj Azam

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Think abstract with 5 geometric rugs from the finest European brands

Rugs are to floors what artwork is to walls. They add warmth, colour, character — and there’s nothing quite like that fuzzy feeling of stepping onto a rug to escape the cold of flooring or tiles. Geometric rugs are a step above your average plain colour rugs with extra interest, timeless designs and a plethora of styles. Plus, they’re great for subtly updating a space without carrying out a whole interior overhaul.

Not sure where to begin with the whole rug hoo-ha? Our catch-all guide on How To Shop For A Rug is your first stop. Now that you know the what, how and where, it’s time for the part you’ve all been waiting for — choosing the rug. If lines and squares are your thing, the best choice is a geometric rug.

Crafted from bamboo silk

Rug Solid’s Terracotta Rug plays the perfect trick

With subtle muted pinks and a graphic geometric design, this Terracotta Rug from Danish label Rug Solid is more than just an illusion to the eyes. Hand-tufted by Indian artisans in bamboo silk, it’s good for the planet too.

Interior tip: Ideal for corners and smaller spaces, from industrial style interior to Scandi living and Boho chic.

Made from 100% New Zealand wool

Nordic Knots’s Black & White Tiger Rug

Who said black and white had to be boring? Scandi-brand Nordic Knots’s Tiger Rug comes hand-loomed in 100% New Zealand wool in a simple, minimalist monochrome design that catches the eye.

Interior tip: A Scandinavian rug for a Scandinavian style interior. Think simple pieces and a limited colour palette — or style in eclectic interiors for contrast.

Squares In Orbit from Christopher Farr is the abstract rug

From British design buffs Christopher Farr, the Squares In Orbit Rug is a geometric piece, hand-tufted in India from soft wool. A beautifully abstract rug, it’ll make a statement with its bold design and organic shapes.

Interior tip: This rug speaks for itself — let it shine in a large space with complementary colour furniture.

Go Art-Deco with Edito’s Myrro Rug

A piece where modernity and tradition merge, the Oeko-Tex certified, 100% labellised polypropylene, the Myrro Rug from Belgium crafters Edito takes its inspiration from the roaring 20’s Art Deco era.

Interior tip: Great for any contemporary space and Min-Century Modern style interior settings.

It’s all in the detail with Gan Rugs’s Azul Alfombra Hand-Tufted Ply Rug

Another hand-tufted piece, the Azul Alfombra Ply rug from GAN Rugs takes its inspiration from Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole to wonderland. A truly unique design, the blue hypnotic pattern comes in velvety wool.

Interior tip: Flaunt it in modern, minimalist and industrial style spaces for the biggest impact.

If a beautiful, sustainable and handcrafted rug is what you’re looking for, well look no further. Shop our hand-selected curation of abstract, geometric rugs in timeless designs for pieces that feel and last as good as they look.

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