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How to choose the perfect storage for your home

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Beautiful storage ideas for every room in your house

Storage can be smart and stylish. Don’t believe us? Find harmony in any space with our guide to timeless storage solutions, from kitchen to bathroom (and every tiny space in between).

Transform your house into a haven where everything has its place with innovative storage solutions from the best European designers. This is our guide to choosing storage straight from workshops, not catalogues.


Kitchen Organisation Tips

Keeping the kitchen tidy can seem like a daily battle. Trust us, there’s no magical cleaning fairy —we’ve wished hard enough. Don’t fret. We’re happy to say that we’ve found the next best thing: functional, multi-use kitchen storage. Sure, you can add some labels to your mason jars, or buy a mountain of cheap plastic baskets to keep utensils in. But these “hacks” don’t solve the real problem, which is space. The key to keeping your kitchen tidy is to optimise every space available, including under countertops, above your microwave, and every corner in between.

We recommend a brand like Yamazaki for a bit of kitchen zen. They’re specialists in Japanese minimalism, which means that every piece they create has multiple uses and is designed to monopolise space. Try a shelf above your bread bin or microwave, or a portable storage cart that slides effortlessly under your kitchen island.

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Bathroom Storage Ideas

Unwind in the bathroom you deserve. There’s nothing quite like an ethically made towel to wipe away your worries, but it’s no use if they’re lying all over the floor. Bring that retreat feeling home with a minimalist rack to display those buttery-soft towels, perfect for grabbing after a long bath. Now all you need is the time off...

One question we’re often asked is how to disguise those toilet rolls without compromising on style. Rest assured, there are plenty of options. Toilet roll storage has come a long way, from floating shelves to magnetic holders. We never thought we’d use loo paper as a design feature, but then again, we never thought there would be a pandemic either...

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Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Ever heard the phrase “tidy home, tidy mind”? It’s hard to find harmony in your home without a bit of organisation, and often it’s tough to find a place for everything, especially if you're short on space. From floating desks to creative storage methods, even small spaces have storage potential. Make the most of your walls with shelving from German brand Studio Hausen. Their floating shelves are mid-century inspired and add personality to any living space while keeping things neat. They work wonderfully in kitchens and studies, but have you considered floating shelves in your hallway?

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Remember, when choosing storage, ask if it fits into at least three of Bombinate’s golden rules: 1. Does it have multiple uses? 2. Does it solve a problem? 3. Has it been made well? 4. Will it last? 5. Is the design clever, unique or timeless?

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