5 brands for a neutral and elegant home

By Bombinate

Neutral tones and earthy vibes make for a living space where you'll want to relax, unwind and thrive for years to come. And if you'll do so with incredible craftsmanship pieces, it will even more pleasant to spend time in your special home. We have rounded up the finest brands from all around Europe, crafted in workshops by the best artisans.

Nordic Knots

Founded in 2016, Nordic Knots is a family-run brand headed by a trio of design enthusiasts. They’re united in their passion for bringing the beauty of Swedish homes to every home, which meant founding a rug making brand was the obvious choice, since at the centre of every Swedish home is a good rug. Their pieces mix old and new patterns, in colours inspired by the Nordic lights, landscapes and Stockholm’s elegant architecture. And each rug is minimal yet functional – a timeless way to level up your home’s look.

Objekte Unserer Tage

Proudly German, Berlin-based furniture brand Objekte Unserer Tage (OUT), was founded in 2015 with the ambition to create a space for a self-determined generation. Every OUT piece is manufactured sustainably in Germany, from the first draft to the last step, and they rely on sustainable forestry and the economic use of resources. Their production is based on craftsmanship, in family-run workshops, combined with the latest innovations, attention to detail and understanding of materials. The result? Responsibly made items that are designed to bring you lifelong pleasure.


Born out of a passion for contemporary design in 2014, Coedition pieces are the result of meticulous work, a rigorous development process and technical innovation. The French furniture brand prides itself in working with the very best international designers and solely using sustainably-sourced materials. The outcome? Beautifully crafted modern furniture of uncompromising quality.

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by artisans

Family-run brand by artisans fell in love with Brussels on a Christmas holiday trip and decided to plant their roots there. Looking for soft, sustainable, sleepworthy bedding, they stumbled upon Belgian flax, which inspired them to create their own brand– so by artisans was born. Aiming to offer the finest handmade, long life linen pieces, by artisans craft and design each item by hand with careful attention to detail.


Dedicated to sustainability and longevity, German family-run brand Sternzeit use handcrafting techniques and premium materials to produce furniture that looks timeless, and will last a lifetime. Since 2010, they have been producing luxurious seating with an eye-catching mixture of Bauhaus and Scandinavian influences. Their latest collection? An exclusive collaboration with Bombinate, including four colourways in premium bouclé.

Jaanus Orgusaar

Eponymously named after its founder, Estonian inventor and designer Jaanus Orgusaar, the creative design and architecture studio is best known for its state-of-the-art furniture and conceptual constructions that embellish modern homes and gardens all over the world. Inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature and its founder's daily routine, Jaanus crafts three-dimensional wonders that are as functional as they are awe-inspiring.

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