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3 ways to style modular shelves from Studio Hausen

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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The Oak / Black LINK Set 1 Shelf by Studio Hausen

German design brand Studio Hausen brings mid-century modernism to your space with their functional yet stylish modular shelving units. By elevating simple storage solutions with the iconic aesthetics of modernist design, their shelving has become a must-have for the contemporary home.

Designed by Jörg Höltje, the Link Shelving Unit was an instant classic and can be seen in countless restaurants, boutiques and hotels — but it looks just as good in a family home, harmonising everyday details with statement design. Here are three completely different ways to style your own modular shelving from Studio Hausen.

The Ash / Black LINK Set 1 Shelf by Studio Hausen

Minimalist Office Shelving

Prioritising a clear desk and good organisation is essential for today’s work-from-home spaces. If you’re struggling to keep your home office tidy, it’s time to elevate it with simple yet functional modular shelving.

One of the more desirable features of the Link Shelf is the colour variations which allow you to choose the shade of wood and links that best suits your space. By opting for light ash wood and black links, the modular shelving is transformed into a minimalist platform for your office essentials. Try styling the shelves with bold black accessories, such as a black candle holder by Baltic design brand EMKO or an innovative lamp by Galula — it holds your books, too. Add an elegant Japanese diffuser by @aroma to complete your calm office environment.

The Black / Black LINK Set 1 Shelf by Studio Hausen. Image Credit: @marbellahomeinthehills

Kitchen Shelving for the Organised Foodie

When it comes to kitchen clutter, use vertical space to your advantage. Even if you’re a terrible cook, spicing up your shelving with glass jars filled with grains and seasonings will make you look like a pro. Not only does it free up worktop space, but modular shelving also gives your kitchen a contemporary pantry aesthetic that’s fit for a television chef.

For a touch of modern Berlin style in your home, opt for all-black against a neutral wall. Add pops of colour to black shelving with a piece from Schneid Studios, like their Lavender Dias Bowl. Did we mention that lilac is the colour of the year? We recommend complementing your black shelves with other black kitchen decor, like a bread bin by Japanese designer Yamazaki.

The Oak / Black LINK Set 1 Shelf by Studio Hausen
Image Credit: @hanna_raph

Bohemian Bedroom Shelving

Thanks to the use of quality Bolivian wood, Studio Hausen’s shelving embodies a naturalistic look that perfectly complements its minimalist construction. By emphasising its use of natural wood, the shelves are an ideal addition to a boho bedroom. Choose oak wood with either black or white links for a rustic, simple aesthetic that works well with mismatched vintage furniture pieces. To make your shelves truly boho, add touches of nature such as houseplants and dried flowers. Better yet, style your shelving beside a quality wall print that makes you smile.

Feeling comfortable in your bedroom is essential, so add self-care items to your shelves such as candles, affirmations and diffusers. One of our favourite brands is The Default Co. who pour their sensual candles by hand in London.

Characterised by minimalism, functionality and communication, modernist design transcends time and place. Try it in your office, lounge or bedroom for a striking interior. With Studio Hausen’s modular shelving, the limit is your imagination. With a variety of colours, shapes and finishes, this modernist-inspired storage solution will elevate any space in your home.

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