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The delights of Autumn style with Photographer Dan Watson

Words By Alice Florence Orr

Seven Minute Read

"If you stick to what you like and feel good in, you can't go wrong" - Dan Watson

Not every professional man is a fashion connoisseur, but for freelance photographer and graphic designer Dan Watson, style is second nature. When he isn't travelling for work, or to satisfy his taste for adventure, Dan lives in Manchester with his cat, Milton. He's the founder of Sourcestudio_, a journal and portfolio filled with street photography, but it's Dan's outfit shots that first caught our attention. On his website ITEM Blog, Dan documents his style through carefully curated outfit shots, showing a real flair for contemporary layering. We couldn't wait to find out more about his impeccable taste.

Jackets are Dan's wardrobe staple
Getting dressed should be as easy as your morning brew

After starting his day with coffee, eggs on toast, then even more coffee — we can relate — Dan gets to work on his commercial photography jobs, working with brands that range from menswear and watches to high-quality pens. He still makes time to put together a good outfit. "Be comfortable in what you wear," advises Dan. "My go-to piece is an Orslow Jungle jacket that I have had for maybe five years now. An overshirt or jacket is such an easy piece to wear and has great pockets for me to carry lenses or other equipment when I'm shooting. I don't think I will ever part with this jacket."

A check overshirt is a timeless piece
The Moss Shirt by Walkers Appeal

Dan's curation process is slow, conscious and focused on longevity. Just like his photography, he's always looking for little details, like quality that will last years, rather than months. Instead of giving in to trends or buying from fast fashion brands, Dan takes his time when making a new purchase. "I think to myself: right, what other pieces in my wardrobe will it work with? When will I wear it? Quality is very important. I want things to last three, four, five years at least. The things that I purchase always get better with age. They have more character and feel personal to me."

Does Dan think it's still possible to have a capsule wardrobe in our modern times? "I certainly think so. There's a lot of trends out there that come and go, but if you stick to what you like and feel good in, you can't go wrong." Some of Dan's favourite pieces include quality jackets, including this Snow Jacket by Edmmond. By choosing one or two key layering pieces for each season, you can easily create a capsule wardrobe that will look contemporary without following trends. Getting dressed in the morning should be as easy as your daily cup of coffee.

"Hong Kong has such a great feel to it. There is so much going on and so much to see."

Dan takes his style inspiration from the people he meets on his travels. One of his favourite cultural influences is Hong Kong. "I love that place. It has such a great feel to it. There is so much going on and so much to see. Not to mention that it's great for taking pictures." However, recently it has been harder for Dan to travel to keep up his street photography, using a combination of a Leica M10 and a Leica SL2S to capture those special moments. "Damn, I'm long due a holiday — I don't often have time off, but I love to capture these moments."

Selecting the best quality possible, whether it's an image, a jacket, or a business, is something we can all agree on. Just like Dan, we take our curation process seriously when hand-selecting each piece, valuing craftsmanship and longevity over fleeting trends. Discover Dan's A/W fashion picks and curate your own created capsule wardrobe.

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