The future of fashion and digital communications with Kars Koiztra — plus the secret to a capsule wardrobe

Words By Alice Florence Orr

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Kars is the Commercial Director of a major global digital agency

Kars Koiztra knows a thing or two about fashion and digital communication. As the Commercial Director of a global digital agency, this style enthusiast has his finger on the pulse of what's current in the world of design and men’s apparel, as well as a large social media following on Instagram.

While quality design has always been a central part of his life, Kars never made a conscious decision to start sharing his style with an online community—in his words, it just “kind of happened.” Taking outfit and lifestyle shots allowed him to develop his photography skills and soon Kars was sharing his aesthetic with thousands of followers.

We spoke to Kars about the future of fashion and digital communication, his personal style, curation process and, of course, his favourite places in Amsterdam.

Coffee at Uncommon Amsterdam
Kars explores his personal style through photography

Kars lives near Amsterdam with his girlfriend and daughter, having recently moved from the iconic city to the coast. When he’s back in the Dutch capital, Kars makes the most of the coffee shops and cafés springing up all over the city. Uncommon Amsterdam and Public Space are his favourite places to start his business day, but these trips aren’t all about work. For pleasure, Kars stops by Rauw Store and Daniele Dentici, two fashion boutiques that exemplify his smart-casual aesthetic. “I try to keep my style pretty basic. This translates into basic tones and timeless fits. I use Pinterest, Instagram, and platforms like Bombinate to get ideas on colour combinations and the fit of an outfit.”

When it comes to minimalist dressing, the essentials are everything. This is a fact Kars knows well. “With my style being pretty basic, it can be hard to keep it fresh.” Never shy when it comes to sharing a tip, Kars recommends changing up your sizing, cut or knit style to keep things interesting. “This way I can give my dark navy outfit with white sneakers still its own unique twist.”

Every man should own a minimalist navy ensemble
Kars starts his day with coffee at Uncommon Amsterdam

Through working in digital communication, Kars believes digital to be one of the best things that have happened to the world of design and fashion. “Brands that really get digital use it to really build connections with their customers. Brands like VOR and Asket actively talk with their customers, share insights on how their products are made, and even involve the customers in the creation process. For me, this is a personalised experience — just like what I have in my favourite shops. Makes a change from a personalised ad just because an algorithm thinks I need another blue sweater.”

Rather than following an algorithm, Kars tells us that he curates his own capsule wardrobe. While he believes every modern man should follow his own style, he thinks everyone should own one dark navy outfit. His other staples include crewneck knits, minimal white sneakers and a pair of well-cut trousers — plus an oxford button-down when you want to dress up. Putting together stylish yet work-appropriate outfits can often be difficult, but Kars’s formula is simple: Less is definitely more (and stay away from big visible logos).

Quality? "It’s a mindset . . . less is more"
Curate a timeless capsule wardrobe for enduring style

By looking into the future of brand communications, Kars is optimistic that ethics and values won’t be lost in the noise. “Digital helps smaller brands to survive and grow in those initial startup years. With social platforms your market suddenly is the world, so customers and brands can reach others where in the past they wouldn’t have been able to. And from a design enthusiastic perspective, I’m just overly happy with finding new brands every day that do something unique and give me another way to express myself.”

But what about sustainability? “The push for transparency, being ethical and sustainable is greatly supported by digital from a tech perspective, but also a communications perspective. It’s a great way to showcase what you are doing, and there is no hiding because if you ‘greenwash’, a lot of people will know almost instantly and will share their opinion straight away with their peers.”

Style your desk with quality design and minimalism
Transitional dressing meets craftsmanship

Craftsmanship and quality can be hard to prioritise in our fast-paced world. I ended our chat by asking Kars if these things are still important in the modern age. “Yes, you can prioritise this — it’s a mindset, in my opinion. For me it means is less is more. By investing in items that have been made with passion, timeless design, craftsmanship and the right materials, I know they will last with the proper care. Ensuring I will enjoy them for many years to come, save money, all though small of impact, doing my bit to lower the impact of fashion on the environment.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we only curate brands that fit our four pillars of excellence. You can find Kars on social media @koiztra for more style tips and inspiring photography.

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