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A guide to creating your dream bedroom vibe with perfect lighting

Words by Saj Azam

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Make your bedroom something to dream about

How to choose lighting for your bedroom

Welcome back to our second instalment of the lighting guide. This time it's all about setting the ideal bedroom mood — whatever that means for you. This series is an all-inclusive guide to helping you find the perfect lighting for every room, an often tricky feature to get right. Light creates the ambience and feel of your space, enhancing your living experience and complementing your furniture.

We'd go so far as to say that lighting is essential, which is why we're passionate about getting it right. In case you missed the first instalment where we go in-depth about the different forms and types of lighting and how to light up your living room, you can find it here. But just to recap...

Simple is beautiful

Types of Lighting

When it comes to lighting up a room, there's four main types to get involved and they all serve a different purpose:


Ambient means an encompassing atmosphere. This type of lighting helps to create the feel and tone of your space, perfect for relaxing, watching television and hosting a dinner party. It's usually the main light source and can be anything from a chandelier or pendant to a couple of well-placed lamps.


Ostentatious or minimalist, accent lighting can be anything you want it to be. Mostly used to bring attention to or accentuate a particular feature, accents illuminate objects such as bookshelves, a painting or a fireplace. This type of lighting can come in any shape or form, from bedroom pendant lighting to wall sconces, spotlights and standing lamps.


Ideal for reading, doing your makeup, working or any activity that requires focus and concentration. These lights also come in different forms and styles, mainly lamps – standing and table that can be angled to help keep your eyes from straining


This form of lighting only has one function: to look nice. Think crystal chandeliers, vintage lights, fairy lights, neon signs and lanterns — or even candles.

TMD Table Lamp by Santa & Cole
The perfect study

The Bedroom Study

The mighty two in one – the bedroom study is both your place of rest and work, as many of us continue to work from home. Lighting here is extra crucial as you need to be able to switch off after a long day of hard work and enjoy some downtime without flicking back and forth to thoughts of work.

Type of lighting: in this type of multi-function bedroom, your best option is to go for ambient lighting with task lighting – and decorative if you really want to set the mood for after-work hours.

Form of lighting: for during the day when you're in office mode, opt for a task light in the form of a table lamp or standing lamp – preferably one that has an adjustable head like this one from Contain. For when evening hits and it's after 5pm, ambient lighting in the form of soft lamps or a pendant lamp with built-in dimmers is ideal. While decorative lighting like lanterns and vintage lamps can really help to change the whole vibe of the room.

Oak Eikon Lamp by Schneid
Founders of lighting brand Schneid

The Reading Nook

No matter the weather, a good reading nook is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of life — but these cosy hideaways are even better in the darker months. That means you need quality lighting to cultivate that hygge.

Type of lighting: the best way to achieve a harmonious reading atmosphere is to mix ambient and task lighting in a functional, yet playful way.

Form of lighting: here you might want to choose a light that lets you read but doesn't carry the same aesthetic as a traditional task light you may find in the study or office. Think table or standing lamp with a contemporary aesthetic. This one from Santa & Cole is a great option as it incorporates warm wood with the softness of the beige parchment shade — offering a cosy light that's perfect for reading.

Different lights, different purposes

The Boho Retreat

If you're dreaming of an endless summer, look no further than a bedroom soaked in sun-bleached minimalism. Coming home to your bright, airy room can make even a Monday evening something to look forward to — a touch of unique, designer lighting will give your space the flair you've been dreaming of.

Type of lighting: for this interior style you'll want to keep your lighting warm and low, nothing too bright or bold. Decorative lighting is a must here, go for string or fairy lights while ambient lighting is ideal for a gentle glow.

Form of lighting: any lighting that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside is a good idea. While for your ambient light, try using table lamps or a pendant light like this one from Graypants that'll complement your room effortlessly with its natural aesthetic.

Make a statement with an Emko lamp

The Design Statement

You think you know what a bedroom is supposed to be: a wardrobe, a bed, a rug. But it doesn't have to be predictable — turning your place of sleep into a design statement is easier than you may think. Go beyond boring furnishings and inject a bit of personality into your space with bold pendant lamps and striking shades. LED lighting for the bedroom is also an option if you're looking to create dimension with layered lighting.

Type of lighting: See your space in a new light. Ambient and decorative lighting will make an exciting design impact.

Form of lighting: Pendant lamps will make a statement without a full redecoration — now that's a real light bulb moment. Add some playfully decorative lamps from quality, independent designers for a fun addition, like this Kaskad model from Schneid.

The bedroom is your personal private space, a setting for relaxation and reflection at the end of a long day. But this space can also serve other purposes — sometimes we use our bedrooms as studies, or as dressing rooms to get ready in. Others use them as play areas for their children or for winding down with a good book. Whatever function your bedroom serves, we've got the lighting pieces that will transform your room into a space you'll race home just to tumble into.

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