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Make a statement with unique designer lighting

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Making the most of Designer Lighting — from Smoked Glass to Gold Wall Lights

Beautiful lighting is one of our favourite ways to brighten up a dull space — both literally and as a design feature. We’re not sure when lighting stopped being merely functional and became a style statement, but we’re not mad about it. After all, quality lighting is an investment piece. It works wonders for both homeowners and renters alike by elevating a space without compromising on flexibility; a good lamp will go with you wherever life takes you.

My mother’s vintage designer floor lamp has travelled with me from the family home to my own apartment and it’s still going strong as a timeless piece of decor. It’s stories like that that make us passionate about quality design — buy better, buy less.

To give you some inspiration for your own home, we’ve assembled our designer lighting gems crafted by top brands and studios from all across Europe. From smoked glass to gold wall lights — and every copper pendant in between — we hope this will help you fall in love with your forever piece of lighting.


Smoked Glass Lighting

Although it has been popular for many decades, smoked glass has received a recent contemporary update, thanks to lighting brands such as Enrico Zanolla. By elevating it with bold colour, these brands have taken smoked glass from old-fashioned to outrageously chic.

The elegant effect is created by holding the glass in the smoke of a candle flame to achieve a 10-30% opacity, making smoked glass the perfect lamp to create a dim, flattering atmosphere in your space. No longer the preserve of tacky offices, smoked glass is a modern design statement that is nothing if not elegant. Try it as a side lamp or pendant light for maximum impact.

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Copper Pendant Lights

Metal details have become a mainstay of contemporary interior design. From exposed brass pipes to copper cookware, we can’t resist the glint of metal as decoration for our homes. Once the preserve of industrial style enthusiasts, copper home decor has been almost universally embraced, and one of the key places to use this warm-toned metal is through lighting.

Pairing a light source with a polished metal creates subtle reflections, making it bounce around your space. Copper is a pleasing rose-gold shade that works in most homes, whether you embrace minimalism, modern elegance or Scandinavian style. Try a copper pendant light to warm up your space without overwhelming it.

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Go Bold (or Gold) with Wall Lights

Despite their classic look and space-saving qualities, wall lights are still overlooked when we choose our lighting. But for those looking for a statement piece (or really hate the clutter that comes with loose wires), then a wall light is an interior design must-have.

Gold wall lights are a contemporary take on the classic, 19th-century style. Graypant’s Brass Sconce light creates an aura effect that brings a bit of sunshine to any space. For a bolder, modern take on the wall light, try Swedish Ninja’s Scandi White C.Lamp, which uses block colour and smooth geometric shapes to create a look that is truly unique.

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Designer Table Lamps (that work as bar lights too)

Entertaining is an activity for all seasons — but some need a little more help in the lighting department than others. That’s where ambient table lamps come into play. There are so many iconic, effortless and innovative designs, it can be hard to decide, but we recommend choosing a light that compliments the tones of your space — either warm or cool.

For a warm-toned effect, try Santa & Cole’s Mediterranean-inspired lighting. Not only are they sophisticated and timeless, they work perfectly as bar lights or for outdoor entertaining.

Another design gem that will bring easy elegance is the Graphite Wick Rechargeable Table Light by Graypants. It evokes the effect of a candle, without the waste. Plus, they're much safer than an open flame, making them perfect for parties or windy days.

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