5 Natural materials for harmonious home decor

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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5 natural materials to turn any home from drab to fab

The house is your personal space for relaxation and reflection at the end of a long day. Transform it by adding natural touches that will calm and comfort you, from day to night. Making the most of mother nature never looked so good — go beyond house plants and floral fabrics to turn natural inspiration into a real design statement.

From rattan and bamboo to quality linen bedding, there isn’t a room in the house that won’t benefit from natural home decor, whatever your style. Discover our five favourite materials to turn any space into your dream room, naturally.

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A trend with real sustainability credentials, rattan furniture has made a comeback. We call it the Rattan Renaissance, but you can call it the perfect interior trend to add natural elegance to any space. Natural and biodegradable, rattan is good for the planet, too. Made from climbing palm plants found in South-East Asia and manufactured locally using traditional methods, this material looks modern despite being crafted by generations of artisans. So whether you’re after the breezy, sun-soaked style of the Mediterranean or prefer minimalist Scandi design, rattan furniture is a versatile, contemporary choice.

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Wool is the best choice for a natural, welcoming material that looks good in any home. Soft furnishings can transform a space, especially if you’re renting a smaller apartment. Portable pieces like throws, cushions and blankets will give you that hygge feeling, no matter how big or small your rooms. Perfect for colder nights, these woollen pieces will last for years, making them ideal investment pieces. Trying to add warmth and character to your room? Opt for a knotted rug with a pattern or border, like a piece from Nordic Knots. Their designs are made from 100% New Zealand wool. Trust us, nothing feels better than running your toes through a tufted rug.

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Beloved by professional interior designers and amateur home decorators alike, linen has become the material du jour for any naturally-inspired home. Sustainable, soft and fast-drying, linen owes its strong and absorbent qualities to the flax plant, the fibres of which are woven together to create this supple material. Quality brands like by artisans and Linen Tales prove that earth-friendly materials can also embody contemporary luxury. The environmental benefits of linen are no secret, so invest in a bit of sustainable luxury and fall into bed happy.


Adding wooden accents can transform the look and feel of a room. Darker shades like teak will give your space a mid-century aesthetic, while lighter woods like beech and ash can bring a touch of Mediterranean elegance to your space. Pairing your well-made wooden furniture with a neutral palette is a timeless combination, but don’t be afraid to go bold with jewel tones. Emerald, burgundy, copper... these colours are ideal for period properties and look perfect when paired with darker woods, like a walnut table or a classic Sternzeit chair in velvet and beech.

Don't overlook a chic bedside table. Endlessly useful, these pieces are more than just storage. Crafted by the finest carpenters, this Noo.ma table is made from oak and looks great with mustard yellow accessories. Only the best quality wood will make the cut. The final touch? Dressing your table with candles and books for cosy bedroom vibes.

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Bamboo is endlessly versatile. Both elegant and flexible, the fast-growing nature of this material makes it a sustainable choice. You may have heard of bamboo underwear or kitchen utensils, but the world of contemporary furniture design is making use of bamboo in unique and exciting ways. Lighting brands like Schneid and Motarasu are using this supple material to craft sophisticated pendant lamps, turning a humble plant into striking design.

Take Motarasu’s iconic Bamboo Sen Pendant Lamp, handmade in Japan using the traditional art of takesensuji. By playfully manipulating light and shadows, their use of six-hundred sustainable bamboo strips adds refinement to any room. Specialising in flowing shapes and neutral hues, Motarasu elevates furniture from mere functionality by turning daily living into a work of art.

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It’s important to know where your furniture comes from. That’s why we curate all of our brands through our four pillars of excellence, so you can shop confidently knowing that your dream home decor is crafted sustainably by real artisans.

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