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5 sustainable linen shirt brands made in Europe

Words By Alice Florence Orr

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Nothing says summer like a linen shirt. This breezy wardrobe staple is easy-to-wear and endlessly versatile, taking you from the beach to the bar without a second thought. Linen is loved for its cooling effect, even in the warmest weather. Made from the fibre of the flax plant, it is also a sustainable choice for your summer wardrobe.

Choosing the right linen makes all the difference when it comes to longevity. If you’re searching for the perfect linen shirt, look for quality material, strong stitching and transparent manufacturing processes — when it comes to summer comfort, you need a shirt you can trust. From Apnée to Peninsula, these European brands take their linen seriously. Their strong values, casual aesthetic and luxurious quality make them the names you’ll want to wear when you set off on your next holiday. Discover our top five sustainable linen shirt brands — they’re all made in Europe, too.


French sophistication meets Riviera style in Apnée's irresistible linen pieces. These grown-up essentials are crafted with three things in mind: durability, elegance, and sustainability. That’s why Apnée uses real craftsmen in Portugal to manufacture their ethical summer pieces, producing shirts in charming navy, classic ecru and neutral shades using the best sustainable linen.

Do you come alive in summer? Apnée is inspired by the freediving pioneers Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca, ensuring that their brand embodies a windswept lifestyle led by passion, adventure, and the undeniable urge to dive in. Style their shirts with pale slacks for an evening outfit or throw on a bright pair of trunks for a beach-ready look.

The Abaco Linen Shirt in Olive

Love Brand & Co

Life is an adventure — so embrace the unexpected with a linen shirt you can trust. Designed in London, made in Europe and influenced by the Bahamas, Love Brand & Co are passionate about two things: good clothes and good causes. They believe in using only 100% organic materials to craft their laid-back linen menswear, inspired by nature and made for the outdoors.

With an emphasis on khaki shades and easy cuts, Love Brand & Co’s linen shirts are ideal for sunny summer walks. Style them with a durable pair of leather sandals and a chic — but still functional — rucksack.


There’s nothing like a day on the waves, especially when you feel great in your clothes. Inspired by the sea and handcrafted in Italy, Peninsula’s premium swimwear is all about easy coastal style. Founder Edoardo Pasolini called on his roots to create a brand that catered for the modern sailors in us all. Based on the Maioliche tiles common in Italian villas, Peninsula’s striking patterns add a touch of Mediterranean chic to any summer look.

What makes Peninsula different? They prioritise a sustainable supply chain, preferring to use regenerated polyester and packaging made of seaweed from certified crops. Their linen shirts work perfectly with a pair of boat shoes and a luxurious beach towel.

Panareha shirts are made for year-round wear


For Lisbon-based swimwear brand Panareha, coastal living is not just a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind. That’s why they craft summer staples inspired by Portuguese style, made to be enjoyed all year long. Panareha brings together the excitement of the city with the relaxed vibes of the beach to give their ethical menswear a touch of edgy sophistication that’s is a pleasure to wear. Their linen shirts are locally manufactured and sustainably sourced from materials that use significantly less water than conventional cotton.

Panareha’s shirts are made for year-round wear. To style in the colder months, layer with sustainable cotton t-shirts and artisan overshirts. Go casual with your shoes to match their laid-back aesthetic. We recommend a pair of tan suede boots.

Ripa Ripa

Inspired by the Mediterranean of the sixties, Ripa Ripa brings Riviera elegance to your wardrobe with its sustainable swimwear and off-duty pieces. By ensuring that all their manufacturing takes place in Italy, Ripa Ripa guarantees authentic craftsmanship that’s unmistakably Italian.

Although they’re known for their innovative swimwear materials, it would be a mistake to overlook Ripa Ripa’s elegant linen shirts. They are the perfect attire for a casual summer dinner. Alfresco, of course.

Founded in Milan, Ripa Ripa knows a thing or two about alluring Italian style. That’s why they’re able to marry elegant cuts, sustainable materials and retro shades into the perfect summer ensemble. Wear them with a pair of classic suede espadrilles for a quintessential holiday look.

Nothing beats linen for off-duty style. With its relaxed texture and elegant cut, the linen shirt maintains a feeling of sophistication, even on weekends. Don't forget to undo that top button for ultimate comfort.

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