3 sustainable swimwear brands to splash into summer

By Bombinate

The green list of countries unveiled by the UK government may only consist of 12 options, but that shouldn't stop us from daydreaming of turquoise waters, sandy beaches and sunbathing afternoons. If a splash in the Mediterranean Sea or the local pool is on the cards, then one thing really should be at the top of the packing list — well-made swimwear crafted consciously by expert hands. Explore our curated list of quality brands specialised in swimwear made in workshops, never sweatshops.


Proudly designed in France, Apnée's pieces are crafted in line with three criteria: quality, durability, and respect for the environment. They source 100% recycled polyester fibre, an eco-responsible material that turns waste into a resource — one pair of swimming shorts equals to 10 plastic bottles rescued. To do this, Apnée partnered with SEAQUAL™, which collects plastic waste found in fishing nets and on beaches by working with a very large network of fishermen in the Mediterranean. Following a long term work, and thanks to the know-how of their craftsmen in Portugal, the French brand managed to create a 100% ethical and innovative line of swimwear for men.

Did we mention that the shorts look as good in the waves as they do on land? Throw on your favourite linen shirt and you’re good to go.

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Handcrafted in Italy, inspired by the sea, devoted to protect it — this is the motto of Italian brand Peninsula, which has been crafting premium swimwear inspired by the founder Edoardo Pasolini’s Italian roots. Peninsula strive to have a supply chain as sustainable as possible, choosing regenerated polyester for the production of their collection, using packaging made of seaweed from certified crops, and selecting partner companies according to sustainability criteria. Plus, all their pieces are made with circularity in mind: to last decades and be recycled again when the time comes.

Ultimately, Peninsula’s uniquely Italian patterns and prints are what drew us to this brand. Based on the Maioliche tiles you’ll find in Italian villas, they add a touch of retro-cool to any summer look, sunrise to sunset.

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Ripa Ripa

Inspired by the aesthetics of the Mediterranean and the Italian sixties, Ripa Ripa co-founders Oliviero and Anna Laura started their journey to redesign the classic drawstring swimsuit in 2015. The initial issue they faced was that quality swimwear fabric is rare to come by — synthetic fibres often have a plastic touch whilst cotton absorbs and retains too much moisture. After a long quest, the founders came across a mill producing quick-drying synthetic fabric that is ring-spun and brushed, creating a look and feel similar to cotton. Secondly, they were adamant that the manufacturing process should happen in Italy. They searched wide and far, but eventually found a small atelier specialised in making hand-sewn shirts, the kind of attention to detail and local craftsmanship they were after.

The ultimate goal? To combine fine tailoring and excellent quality in a collection of vibrant men’s swimwear worthy of Italian summers.

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