Tablescaping is the trendy art of setting your table

Words by Alice Florence Orr

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Make your dinner table picture perfect in a few easy steps

What is tablescaping?

This buzzy trend is a technique of using tableware to convey a mood or aesthetic, ideal when preparing for a party or the perfect Instagram snap. Every table tells a different story and the only continuity is the power of table linens, glasses, plates and candles to convey a bit of personality into your dining room. We think of it as "form and functionality meets flatlay".

Learning the art of using tableware to create atmosphere is as easy as a few simple steps — whether you're seeking calm simplicity, cosy hygge, or a bit of drama. Here are our tips on how to tablescape like a pro.

Investment Pieces

Invest in quality. Trends are fleeting, but sustainable, artisan materials will ensure that key pieces, such as table linens and glassware, will stand the test of time. Not only will materials like cast-iron, lead-free glass and organic linen last longer, they are also earth-friendly, making them the perfect choice for a stylish table spread. European designers like Kay Bojesen have been crafting durable dinnerware for years and you're guaranteed a bit of Danish sophistication when you set the table with their polished steel cutlery.

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Dissonance and Harmony

Not everything needs to perfectly match. Use different shades in a similar palette is all you need to create cohesion. Stick to either a warm or cool tonal theme - or go neutral with cream, grey and white. Alternatively, clash patterns and colours for a dramatic effect. Try blue and orange for a striking effect, such as Studio Hausen's bold glassware.

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Add Trendy Accents

Mixing trend pieces with classic staples is the key to refreshing your style without breaking the bank. When eyeing a trendy mug or novelty napkin, ask yourself will this item will last? If not, is it recyclable? Updating your collection is fun, but can often be costly to both your wallet and the planet. A contemporary vase, candle or even a felt pot holder will refresh your table without going into landfill a few weeks later. Reuse your empty candle jars as sleek containers, and if you grow bored of a trendy piece, re-gift it to a friend and pass on the fun!

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