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The European sustainable swimwear brands you’ve never heard of

Words by Saj Azam

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5 European Swimwear brands that’ll make you excited for summer

Summer is fast approaching and that can only mean sun, sea and sand galore. If you’re dreaming of a warm getaway, a pair of quality swimming trunks will be at the top of your list – ones that’ll take you from ocean diving to sunbathing to evening dinner in comfort and style.

Swimwear may be a seasonal element of your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean they need to be thrown out once summer has ended. Make the most of your pieces by choosing styles that’ll look as good tomorrow, as they do today and are crafted from rescued plastic that allows the oceans to return to their natural states – free of plastic. Forget the big names and invest in sustainable, European crafted swimming trunks in exclusive designs.

Peninsula use recycled materials in every pair



Handcrafted in Italy, inspired by the sea, devoted to protecting it — this is the motto of Italian brand Peninsula. Striving to be as sustainable as possible with a transparent supply chain, each Peninsula piece boasts bold, mosaic prints in vibrant colourways that resemble the Maioliche tiles of coastal villas. Crafted consciously from regenerated polyester, even their packaging is ethically made from seaweed.

Standout piece: These green swimwear shorts were made for all-day comfort at the beach to exploring the town.

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Ripa Ripa craft quick-drying swimwear


Ripa Ripa

Inspired by the aesthetics of the Mediterranean and the Italian sixties, Ripa Ripa co-founders Oliviero and Anna Laura started their journey to redesign the classic drawstring swimsuit in 2015. Each of their men’s swimming trunks is made using a synthetic fibre that’s quick-drying, planet conscious and brushed, promising the supple feeling of cotton – supplied by a small Italian atelier. All their designs have a contemporary flair with fits that’ll flatter as you soak up the sun.

Standout piece: Stay classic with these striped swimming shorts that add a little bit of bold fun to your day

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Proudly designed in France, Apnée's pieces are crafted with these three qualities in mind: design, durability, and respect for the environment. Each pair of shorts begins its journey as a plastic bottle collected on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean, where SEAQUAL™  turn them into a recycled polyester fibre that Apnée use to craft their beautiful pieces. Approximately 10 plastic bottles recycled create one pair of these vivacious swimming trunks.

Standout piece: Offering a side of poolside elegance, these tailored swim shorts feel as good in the water as good as they look at evening drinks.

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European swimwear brand IGUAZÚ found inspiration in the rolling landscapes of the Brazilian countryside and cities on a trip around the country. Motivated to encapsulate their experience, once the founders returned home to France, they started IGUAZÚ, designing swimwear with a contemporary aesthetic, made by Portuguese artisans using a sustainable and ethical material from Newlife Fibre – a specialist fabric that comes from recycled plastic bottles. Guaranteeing a positive impact on your summer wardrobe and the planet.

Standout piece: Turn heads on the sandy shores with these uniquely elegant and vibrant maroon patterned swimming shorts.



Sartorial swimwear crafted in Portugal by craftspeople with expertise, Gusari are on a mission to redefine men’s luxury swimwear through sartorial style, modern silhouettes and quality craftsmanship. Every pair of swimming trunks are made using 100% sustainable, bespoke quick-drying fabric with a cotton mesh lining – for trunks that boast comfort and elegance all in one.

Standout piece: The Khaki swimming shorts boast a distinctive design. Offering a tailored style with front pleating and a side buckle for the perfect fit.

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