Unique storage solutions for a stylish (and tidy) home

Words By Alice Florence Orr

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The Dune Bookshelf in White by Jaanus Orgusaar is a Baltic design gem inspired by natural shapes

Clutter? These storage solutions are functional and stylish

Are you dreaming of a calm home? Big or small, there's nothing like a bit of organisation to streamline a busy house. Transform your house into a haven where everything has its place with innovative storage solutions from the best European furniture designers. Storage doesn't have to be boring. An elegant sideboard or functional cabinet will keep your room tidy without compromising on style. Discover our top 5 favourite design styles from around the world, from Baltic design to Danish innovation.

The Ribbon Hooks in Walnut by Motarasu

Japanese Minimalism

Have you ever heard the phrase “a tidy home equals a tidy mind”? That’s exactly what the Japanese art of home organisation is all about. Keeping your living space tidy will cultivate a tidy mind... at least, that’s how the wisdom goes. Regardless of whether this method works for you, the elegant minimalism of Japanese home storage is a calming influence on any space.

Japanese design experts Yamazaki create tidy solutions that add a touch of zen to any space. Spanning four generations, Yamazaki has always been at the front of progressive, functional design. They believe that each piece must have several functions, such as their classic White Tower 5-Tier Storage Rack — that’s why their designs are minimal, well-made and contemporary.

Designed in Denmark, crafted by Japanese artisans, Motarasu specialises in elegant lighting and furniture with a simple philosophy—quality pieces, consciously designed, and made to last. A piece by Motarasu is memorable for its unique, fluid forms and innovative use of materials, such as their elegant Ribbon Hooks. Specialising in flowing shapes and neutral hues, Motarasu elevates furniture from mere functionality by turning daily living into a work of art.

Visionary Baltic Design

Baltic craftsmanship is famous for its skill and elegance, with designers such as EMKO, Noo.ma and Jaanus Orgusaar putting the Baltic coast on the map as a design destination for visionary storage ideas. Jaanus Orgusaar creates distinctive pieces that invite the outdoors into the home. Their designs celebrate nature by protecting, rather than mimicking it, and every bookshelf is crafted with sustainability as a priority. With his signature creativity and elegance, Jaanus Orgusaar harmonises complicated manufacturing with visual simplicity to create pieces for modern living.

EMKO designs have a signature charm thanks to their bold primary colours and Scandi-inspired wood. We love their stylish and functional writing desks in a beautiful ash wood, the perfect surface for remote working, or their quirky Pill Cabinet, ideal for hiding away your clutter.

Quality German Design

Are you struggling with a lack of floor space? Make the most of your walls with innovative shelving from German design brand Studio Hausen. Their floating shelves are the perfect platform to add personality and practicality to any living space while keeping things neat. Not sure how to style them? Alternate between decorative elements like plants, books or a candle and your everyday clutter for a practical yet stylish look.

For a bolder, more colourful effect, try OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE, a visionary design studio based in Berlin. Their pieces are inspired by the vibrant culture of the German capital, ensuring that you’ll never again think of storage as boring home decor. We love their Aprikosa Taro Shelf for a striking and functional wall statement.

The Steel Loop Shelf in Black and Bamboo by We Do Wood

Danish Innovation

Anne Linde has been pushing the boundaries of design-led storage solutions for over twenty years with innovative shelving that fits seamlessly into any living space. Working with strong, flexible materials such as metal, Linde rethinks what we expect from home decor. Her ledge shelving designs come in various sizes, going beyond any space limitations. But if metal isn’t to your taste, Denmark also boasts the carpentry studio We Do Wood. Their simple and well-crafted designs demonstrate the best parts of Danish design: vision, minimalism and quality. Try their elegant Steel Loop Shelf in your kitchen for a Scandi update.

Dutch Craftsmanship

Simplicity is often mistaken for bland, but Dutch design is rethinking minimalism. These designers believe that your home should feel unique to you, so don’t settle for storage out of a generic catalogue. Amsterdam-based Tolhuijs designs sustainable, minimal interior pieces with heart. Their shelving is made from repurposed materials by disadvantaged craftspeople. They’re about innovative design with real community purpose, their Fency Circular Wall Rack being the perfect example. Customisable and striking, this is a true storage solution crafted from recycled steel.

The design powerhouse Vij5 is also based in the Netherlands, but their pieces suit a more understated aesthetic. Their cabinets harmonise an industrial aesthetic with natural wooden touches for storage that feels light, yet sturdy. With added details of grey linen, the piece will fit seamlessly into a contemporary home.

After the hustle and bustle of daily life, a serene house will always welcome you home. Make your storage solutions as unique as your space and choose quality, European design that goes beyond expectations.

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