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Who said blue was a sad shade? Discover Santa Living's luxurious Acrux Bedding Set

Not only do our homes serve multiple functions, they have a huge impact on our daily mood and it can be easy to get into a rut with our routine, our food, even our interior decor — but finding new energy is easier than you think. Rather than spending hours scrolling for inspiration, turn your home into a space that not only looks good but makes you feel good. After all, your home is uniquely yours.

Cooking a new recipe, discovering a new outdoor space, or adding a fresh pop of colour to your room... these are all ways of improving our mood every day. Transforming our homes into inspiring, uplifting spaces is the perfect antidote to life's chaos — and a bit of designer storage is just the beginning. Instead of chasing perfection, create an uplifting interior that will boost your mood every morning and if you're looking for inspiration, we've got the perfect craftsmanship pieces that will bring inspiration to your home through colour, light, scent and storage.

For the Love of Colour

It's a fact that colour has the power to make or break our mood. Adding the right shades to our homes can turn them from drab to daring. It's no coincidence that Pantone's Colour of 2021 was a bright yellow named Illuminating — this shade can add a burst of solar energy into a plain interior. Sometimes intimidating to use, there are many easy ways of incorporating this bright shade into your home. Try adding it to your tableware collection with these mugs by Schneid — and if you're feeling brave, keep them safe in a striking cabinet like this one by Lithuanian brand EMKO. Crafted with functional, Scandi elegance in mind, the pill cabinet also doubles as a handy desk, not only brightening your space but making the most of it too. Finish your look with this unusual table light by Plato Design, crafted from concrete by expert Italian artisans. And speaking of Italian design, you can't do better than a quality yellow coffee table from Colé Italia.

Yellow looks especially good when paired with a neutral grey and complemented by something bold, such as rich cobalt. One of our favourite shades is International Klein Blue, first mixed by the French artist Yves Klein. More than a royal blue, this shade uses ultramarine to create a deep and sensual colour that looks timelessly modern in any setting. You can see its use in Kind of Cyan's limited edition prints, as well as similar hues captured in our Mood-Boosting interior edit. Who said blue was a sad shade? We think it adds vibrancy and richness, so give it a try.

Bombinate Tip

If you want to boost your mood, don't forget your other senses. Play uplifting music and add an inviting scent to really get the vibe going. Add oranges and cloves to a pan of boiling water for an instant festive smell, or try our favourite diffusers by @aroma. Their essential oils are specially crafted to lift your senses.

There's nothing like a fresh scent to uplift your mood, thanks to the Orb Nebulizing Diffuser by @aroma
Love colour? Make your bedroom unique with the Duke Bench by Tiptoe

Kitchen Confidential

The kitchen is called the heart of the home, but it can often be dishevelled due to constant use. As a functional space, its potential as a design statement can be forgotten — but we think the kitchen is the perfect place to introduce some mood-boosting details. Don't believe us? Listen up...

The first place we pause in the morning is our kitchen. We use it to make breakfast for our families and just as our first meal sets us up for the rest of the day, the kitchen interior will influence our mood too. Filling our space with bright, calming details and time-saving design will ensure we begin our day in the best way possible. Start with coffee: an elegant coffee maker will save money in the long run and put a smile on your face every morning, regardless of whether you head into the office, work from home, or look after the children.

Adding beautiful cookware will make spending time in the kitchen a pleasure. If you're eyeing up quality cast-iron pans, look no further than Crane Cookware, used by professional and amateur cooks alike. NUDE glassware is a team favourite, proving that lead-free glass can be beautiful as well as ethical. Finish off your kitchen with a striking, sustainable tablecloth, like this one from Linen Tales. Not only will these brighten your space, but they're also easy to clean and protect your table — an affordable way to instantly boost your mood in the morning.

Discover our Kitchen edit for fresh inspiration
The Jazz Ceramic Vase V34 by Viso Project

Save for Later

Keeping our spaces clear of clutter has become very trendy advice. From Marie Kondo to embracing minimalism, we can't get enough of simple, clean spaces. But are these perfectly tidy homes realistic? While we can all incorporate more minimalism into our lives to help our mood and the planet, aspiring to impossible perfection will only drag us down.

Instead, try adding smart storage solutions to your space. By choosing functional, stylish design, you can refresh your space while keeping it tidy — a real win-win. Try this adaptable shelving rack by Tolhuijs, designed to be both sustainable and beautiful to look at, plus the colour will give you an instant lift. Save it for later using our Wishlist feature. Create an account and "heart" your favourites so you never leave behind something you love.

Get the blues...

Another way to save space if your work from home is to invest in a fold-away standing desk, like this quality version by Upstaa. Designed in Amsterdam from strong birch plywood, Upstaa desks keep your home office tidy while improving your overall health. Standing desks are another team favourite and we love how they make us feel, even at the end of a long workday.

Noo.ma's shelving is chic, colourful and functional

Merry and Bright

When thinking of new ways to illuminate your space, lighting should be one of the first design details on your list. Long gone are boring light shades and bare bulbs. These days, we opt for lighting that is striking and colourful, especially in the winter months. One of our favourites in Enrico Zanolla's Picia Table Lamp, as it's a piece that will work for rented homes too. It comes in four different shades of glass, making it look more like a mood ring than a functional light, but trust us — it's definitely the latter.

If you want to learn more about how to use lighting to create different effects in your home, read our Lighting Guide series, filled with top tips on how to make the most of different types of lighting, as well as our top picks for every room. Swedish Ninja, renowned for playful and contemporary lighting features, is one brand that's guaranteed to brighten your space. Don't let grey days hold you back. Discover our favourite lighting here.

Lift your bath time with towels by Etisha Collective

With a few simple changes, you can create an uplifting interior that's entirely unique to you. A bit of colour and a few brightening details are all you need to fall back in love with your home. Discover our Mood-boosting edit and feel inspired again.

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