Almost Furniture's 4th Armchair offers a contemporary and unique take on traditional craftsmanship. Surprising yet subtle, it embodies the aesthetics of simplicity and sophistication. Its distinctive silhouette, inspired by the rhythm of Japanese pagodas, creates a pleasing ergonomic experience and provides a beautiful, luxurious accessory for the modern home.


Founded in 2014 by Svetoslav Michev, Hristo Stankushev and Stefan Minkoff (founders of the architecture and design studio "dontDIY") in Sofia, Bulgaria, Almost Furniture is best known for its minimalist yet intricate homeware designs based on the beauty of natural materials.


• Available in a range of colours • Form pressed plywood, solid wood, acrylic paint and luxurious synthetic leather

Special Care

To protect the product from any flaws or blemishes, please keep it away from water or other liquids. If wetness or dirt occurs, make sure to wipe it dry and clean in good time. Use only indoors. Keep away from sharp or harmful objects.