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Intense Black Bloon Original L

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Designed by two French friends, one a designer and the other an osteopath, the Bloon seat is the more elegant version of a sitting ball. Handmade in Portugal, its spherical shape is designed with a better posture in mind.

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Diameter: 60cm Sitting height range: 45cm to 60cm Recommended user height: 1m45 to 1m85 Recommended desk height: 68cm to 75cm

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The "inflated" seats of Bloon Paris are imagined in Paris, then produced by hand in a workshop in Portugal, to offer comfort and design. Elegant and original seating , the Bloon sublimates the interiors, at home as at the office. Its dynamic seating improves posture and strengthens postural muscles: you get fit and get muscle tone!


Bloon stands out to us at Bombinate for the passion they have clearly poured into one product. Their ergonomic Bloon seat is completely different to anything we have ever seen, and we think this is a brand that deserves to have their erognomic seat recognised at a far greater level.


• Handmade in Portugal • Weighted base anti roll (really weighted, we guarantee it!) • Carry handle • Permanent access to the valve to adjust the hardness of the seat • French design by DE LUSSAC • Comes with a pump • Diameter Ø 60-65 cm (2 kg)

Special Care

• When dirty or dusty, please tend to clean using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.