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Archibald Optics
Hand-cut eyewear introducing genuine Japanese craftsmanship to the world.

On Bombinate’s search for the best names in craftsmanship, we’ve challenged both our patience and our comfort zones, and this happens to be something we share with Archibald Optics. Trekking the world all the way to Japan in search of fine artisanship, Archibald is testimony to the fact that not settling for less really does make all the difference.

True Japanese Craftsmanship

Based in London but manufactured in Japan, Archibald Optics puts a unique spin on conventional sunglasses, offering beautifully sculpted frames with an artisanal heart. The company’s made-to-order glasses are produced by the skilled Japanese artisans it works with; a privilege Archibald takes immense pride in. Dedicated to his pursuit to finding the very best in eyewear production, Rohan, Archibald’s founder explains:

“We spend months finding the most talented craftsmen around the world - the very same people that other ‘luxury’ labels have left behind in their search for lower costs. We travel to meet them, building strong, personal relationships to ensure their commitment is as strong as ours.”

Far East Made, Vintage Inspired

Very much like Bombinate, the brand is committed to authentic craft; every product is constructed with the desire to revive ignored traditions.

The vintage inspired collections (think British post-war era) constitute a myriad of choices, set in thick, acetate frames. Whether you’re after caramel-coloured tortoiseshell or champagne toned translucence, Archibald’s versatile yet unique selection of frames is bound to cater for your personal preference. Each piece is hand-cut, and made with special attention to details such as inner contouring and the shaping of the frames to assert perfect fit and weight distribution.

Matching excellence with effortlessness, Archibald brings you a tailor-made, feel-good product that is as easy to wear as it is to love.

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