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Bask In The Sun
Essential, high-grade organic cotton T-shirts for an Ocean-facing lifestyle

Sun, sea and surf - such is the mindset behind Bask In The Sun; a feel-good brand that embodies the ocean-facing, worry-free lifestyle. Driven by the potential of premium organic cotton, Bask In The Sun proves that quality doesn’t lie in the price tag - it lies in the threads.

The French "Pays Baque"

Founded on a beach somewhere between France and Spain, smartly eponymous Bask In The Sun was conceived in Guéthary, a surf hotspot in the Basque Country. Inspired by a lifestyle born amongst mountains, seas and stars, the brand celebrates a good vibes only, feel-good ethos; “True luxury is the time we take to live in the setting we create.”

One of the world's surfing hotspots
A delightful coast

Three generations of Basque Textile tradition

Bask In The Sun is the combination of its founder’s various facets: a generational family-run business in Basque bedding, and years of experience alongside Japanese stylists Issey Miyake and Kenzo Takada. Originally launching the brand to provide high quality T-Shirts for his talented friends to print their art on, (founder) Tito created a premium canvas for international artists to express themselves - a concept that lives on today. More than just a window for collaborations, however, Bask In The Sun is a space to watch in terms of premium cotton garments.

Winning over Northern Europe hearts one soft T-Shirt at a time, Bask In The Sun expanded its collection and now prides itself on a range of classic essentials. In touch with the eco-friendly, low-maintenance lifestyle it embodies, every piece is produced with high grade organic cotton and designed with sartorial simplicity in mind. Produced in a family-run atelier in the region of Braga, Portugal, Bask In The Sun garments are manufactured locally to encourage regional craftsmanship - that’s an extra shared value.

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