Dear Freedom

What we think

We love that Dear Freedom approach fashion through a sustainable and ethical lens - it's what makes them such an inspiring brand.

Co Founder of Bombinate
A Tale Worth Telling

Their story

Dear Freedom are an independent and sustainable fashion brand based in Lithuania. Working towards a better tomorrow, Dear Freedom craft responsibly sourced and organic womenswear, leading the fashion revolution. Focused on ethical creation and full transparency, each piece they design is made with love and care.

Co Founder of Bombinate
Quality In The Making

The process

Caring for both the people and the world, Dear Freedom craft sustainable pieces, cut and stitched locally in Lithuania in partner factories. Each piece is created using GOTS certified organic cotton and fabric leftovers that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. Weaving their values into every garment, Dear Freedom's pieces are free of toxins, pesticides and designed with a timeless aesthetic.

Co Founder of Bombinate