Eza Watches

What we think

Eza Watches is a study in true craftsmanship, and that’s what we love most – their pieces are assembled in the home of watchmaking, using centuries old techniques.

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Their story

Based in Pforzheim in Germany – a watchmaking town with a legacy of over 250 years – Eza Watches is a true craftsmanship brand. Pforzheim’s watchmaking heritage is so established that the town has a local watchmaking school, as well as museums dedicated to showing off jewellery and watch craftsmanship techniques. And despite having to take a short break from watchmaking during the quartz crisis, Eza Watches is an acclaimed local fixture, producing artisan-made watches since the 1900s. Each collection is vintage-inspired but made using modern techniques. And their pieces are known for their accessibility and affordable prices, which they achieve through a well-honed production technique that uses similar parts in most models.

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The process

Every piece Eza Watches creates is assembled in Pforzheim by local workers, using the highest quality Swiss parts. They partner with a select number of local production houses, including renowned Hermann Becker, to bring their watches to life.

Co Founder of Bombinate