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The journey, the sound of the wind, the endless road. These are the elements to have inspired the founders of Hedon before they set out to create the perfect travel companion for our journey into the wild. Whatever the path you decide to take, make sure you’re ready to tackle it head on. Be happy, and be safe.

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Their story

Founded in 2011 by Lindsay Chong and Reginald Flint, Hedon is the lovechild of two individuals’ expertise in design and product development. Tired of conventional style, the brand set out on a mission to rethink and redefine urban riders’ protective headgear as we know it. Produced in the United Kingdom, Hedon helmets are handcrafted so each one is one of a kind. Designed to be bold, refined and a little bit nostalgic, Hedon’s headgear is a combination of modern style and retro charm. With its signature curves, fine hardware and lush protective padding, the Hedon helmet embodies the essence of sporty, stylish luxury. Equally impressive in form and function, each piece is conceived to provide ultimate comfort throughout any journey- be it your ride to work or a trek through the unknown.

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The process

In a balanced blend of old and new, every Hedon helmet is made via traditional craftsmanship and perfected with modern technology. Hand-picked with resilience and longevity in mind, every component involved is chosen to achieve outstanding product quality and stand the test of time. As a constant, every helmet is lined with premium calf’s leather, padded with antimicrobial microsuede, and layered with a fiberglass and carbon fiber outer shell. Home to a stunning choice of colours, patterns and hardware options, Hedon’s collection truly is a thing of beauty, and -regardless which model you choose- a testament to excellent taste.

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