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La Portegna
Spanish hand-stitched espadrilles and accessories inspired by travel

The story of La Portegna starts with one of the greatest literary masterminds of our time; it all started with a journey from Plymouth to Bombay, a lion rug, and a signed photograph from Ernest Hemingway.

Founded by Jose Urruita, La Portegna was inspired by the passionate travel souvenirs of his grandparents, in a time where travel was considered a life experience rather than a journey. Photographs and stories revived the spirit of adventurous travel and the essence of a blissful lifestyle, an ambience Jose longed to recreate in a collection of beautiful travel bags and accessories.

Jose Urruita, La Portegna's founder
Summer, Spain and Espadrilles

La Portegna's collections abound with sun

Handmade in the Spanish region of Andalucía, each leather confection combines the radiance of Spanish spirit with the province’s expertise in craftsmanship. Every detail -from the stitching to the choice of hardware- carries an unmistakable human touch that embodies both the authenticity and precision that La Portegna is so proud of. Made from scratch with premium natural materials by skilled artisans, every piece in the collection is a true original.

Olive oil and Spanish custom

The region of Andalucia boasts a reputation in premium leather production; La Portegna sources its leather from native Spanish tanners and uses skilled artisans to infuse Spanish custom into the production process. In accordance with the country’s tradition, the leather is vegetable dyed using olive oil and tree bark tannins, to produce a smoother leather and lower the brand’s environmental impact.

Expert craftsmen for la Portegna in Andalucía, Spain
Leather expert at work

Travel accessories for life

La Portegna’s signature is based on simplicity, practicality and elegance, with a bit of Spanish sunshine here and there. What’s not to love, right? Founder Jose reminds us that although the brand’s style evolves, its authenticity never wavers- and that’s a promise. Offering you first class comfort in a collection of accessories fit to brave your most spontaneous decisions, La Portegna encourages the adventurer in you.

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