Leon Flam

What we think

Discovering Leon Flam felt like delving back into a History class - behind its name, the brand commemorates the struggles and accomplishments of the great pioneers of the French Aéropostale. Leon Flam once catered for the well-travelled, adventurous men of its time, and it caters for those same men today. Are you ready to be one of them?

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Their story

In the 1920s, Léon Flam was a staple in every pilot’s wardrobe. To comply with the limited space available on their aircrafts these men had to be practical, making the Léon Flam bag the ultimate voyage essential. Functional and travel-savvy, each piece was designed to achieve acute practicality. Forged by Léon Flam himself, the eponymous travel accessories were hand crafted in his inaugural Parisian workshop that opened in 1924. Today, the brand has re-launched and acquired its very own French countryside workshop. Here, old and new meet; modern techniques are infused with the traditional craftsmanship of the 1920s to form tireless, resistant pieces of exceptional quality.

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The process

For the modern traveller, Léon Flam’s gear makes a brilliant companion. The canvas bags still stow away perfectly into airplane cabins, and offer pockets and compartments made to hold iPads, laptops and more. Leon Flam’s sense of unweathering quality and visual identity is owed to a few ingenious choices in the manufacturing process: to ensure that its leather products age beautifully, vegetal tanning is used, a move that also lowers the brand’s environmental impact. Caramelizing in colour over time, each individual product obtains a unique patina. Soft, durable Italian leather is combined with resilient Normand canvas to create a collection of bags and accessories that stand the test of time. Where will you take yours?

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