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Leon Flam
Quality travel accessories and a favourite of the French Aéropostale pilots of the 1920s

A staple in every 1920's pilot's wardrobe

Finding Léon Flam was like delving into a history class. Our entire team was brought together to read about faraway land stories and spent hours screening old air route maps from the “Aéropostale”, the French airmail company. The men of the French Aéropostale traversed the skies in order to bring mail from the good ol’ continent to the French inhabitants of Africa and South America. Always with them, Léon Flam (not the man, his gear) followed the pilots on their trips.

By the 1920s, Léon Flam was a staple in every pilot’s wardrobe. To comply with the limited space available on their aircrafts, these men had to be practical, and to every great aviator a Léon Flam bag was the ultimate voyage essential. Functional and travel-sized, each piece was designed to achieve utmost practicality. Forged by Léon Flam himself, the eponymous travel accessories were hand crafted in his inaugural Parisian workshop that opened in 1924.

Leon Flam acquired its very own French workshop

Today, the brand has re-launched and acquired its very own French countryside workshop. Here, old and new meet; modern techniques are infused with the traditional craftsmanship of the 1920s to form tireless, resistant pieces of exceptional quality. Soft, durable Italian leather is combined with resilient Normand canvas to create a collection of bags and accessories that stand the test of time.

48 H Croix du Sud Historical Blue
48 H Croix du Sud Gold Leather

A perfect companion for today's travellers

For the modern traveller, Léon Flam’s gear makes a brilliant companion. The canvas bags stow away perfectly into airplane cabin compartments. Inspired by the tool-kit carrying adventurers of the 1920s, Léon Flam caters for the modern version thereof; each bag contains various pockets and compartments made to hold devices like iPads, laptops and even the occasional copy of Hemingway.

Historical Blue Delight

Like French wine, your Léon Flam ages tastefully

Leon Flam’s sense of unweathering quality and visual identity is owed to a few ingenious choices in the manufacturing process. Caramelizing in colour over time, each individual product obtains a distinctive and unique patina, so very much like French wine, your Léon Flam ages tastefully.

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