Meta Designs

What we think

We love a beautiful addition to our homes, and even more so when it illustrates the sheer beauty of nature. Known for its innovative, elegant creations, META Design offers a range of carefully crafted light fixtures and wooden decoration designed to compliment the modern living space.

Their story

Based in the heart of Taiwan, META Design was founded in 2010 as a sibling brand to Comfort Lighting, a global pioneer in lighting fixture fabrication with over 30 years of expertise. Best known for its creative and elegant lighting structures for the modern home, META Design is also specialised in the creation of luxurious home decoration based on the beauty of wood.

The process

Adamant to create products of the highest possible quality with a focus on sustainability, META Design sources its materials locally and encourages its hometown's craftsman talent. All of the brand's creations are carefully handcrafted in Taiwan by a team of expert woodworkers with exceptional attention to detail.

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