What we think

Named after the Portuguese word for "sunset," Poente eyewear was inspired by the continuous cycle of life that brings a beginning and an end to every day. Fuelled by the vibrant youth, lifestyle and culture of its city, the Lisbon-based brand offers a refined yet versatile take on modern eyewear.

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Their story

Founded by designer Bernard Romão in Lisbon, Portugal, Poente is a culmination of global inspirations, vibrant collaborations and its founder's family lineage in eyewear. Inspired by the youth and restless rythm of the city it was born in, the brand creatively combines modern design and Portugal's expertise in authentic craftsmanship.

Co-founder of Bombinate

The process

Adamant to create beautifully crafted products of the highest quality, Poente produces its collections locally at hand-picked, family-run manufactories around the country. Tastefully combining Europe's artisan expertise before perfecting every product in its Portuguese ateliers, Poente sources its acetate in Italy, and all lenses are by Carl Zeiss.

Co-founder of Bombinate

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