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Ripa & Ripa
Italian-Made Swimwear
“Mediterranean-chic, retro sailing boats, youthful and understated elegance. Fresh summery sensation, the slow and relaxed pace of days at the beach, the warm atmosphere felt whilst watching a sunset with friends or the breezy wind felt on a sailing boat. Ripa & Ripa immerges its customer into the magic of summer.” Anna Laura, Ripa & Ripa’s founder.

The pursuit of the perfect cut

Founded in 2015 by friends Oliviero and Anna Laura in Milan, Ripa & Ripa redefines the essence of Mediterranean chic in terms of utility and aesthetics. Driven by the pursuit of the perfect cut (and the lack thereof!), the co-founders combine fine tailoring and excellent quality in a collection of vibrant men’s swimwear worthy of Italian summers.

Made in a family-run atelier

The design and production of Ripa & Ripa’s line focuses on premium traditional Italian craftsmanship, and sartorial innovation. To honour the custom of family-run ateliers, every garment is crafted by a team of seasoned tailors in a small town near Naples that prides itself on a multi-generational lineage in luxury manufacturing. Not only does this ensure a production process of the utmost expertise, but results in a collection of garments that are proudly, soulfully “made in Italy.”

The sailing boat as symbol

Inspired to create a line of swimwear that is as unique as it is beautiful, Ripa & Ripa pride themselves on their passionate attention to detail. Every component used is chosen specifically for its performance and its relevance to the brand’s identity; take the use of nautical rope for the tying cord, for example, which is not only renowned for its solidity, but eludes to summers spent sailing along the Mediterranean coast.

In their mission to bring you optimal comfort and practicality from the beach to the bar, Ripa & Ripa uses a signature brushed fabric that feels like cotton on the skin, but is incredibly quick-drying.

Need we say more?

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