Thomas Clipper

What we think

We love products that can make the everyday and mundane activities worthwhile. Meet Thomas Clipper- a brand on a mission to redefine traditional artisanship and ethical thinking, one smooth shave at a time. Rediscover your daily morning routine as you feel the weight and legacy of hundreds to thousands of years in the very products you hold.

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Their story

Founded in the heart of English countryside, Thomas Clipper was designed to improve your daily grooming routine and heighten your shaving experience. Based in London, the brand bridges past and present in a collection of shaving tools unlike any you’ve seen before; the secret lies in the materials used to make them. Reusing naturals materials to their full potential, the brand stays true to a passion for the environment and brings forth a product infused with English heritage. But what’s the secret ingredient, you ask?

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The process

Made of ancient British oak wood up to multiple millennia old, Thomas Clipper’s collection of shaving accessories flaunts unparalleled history and provides food for thought. Luxurious, aged woods and premium shaving utensils come together in a product that is as robust as it is impressive- whether you’d like it 300 or 5000 years old is entirely up to you. Alongside the use of natural materials, Thomas Clipper celebrates the value of authentic craftsmanship.: in a multicultural production routine, the brand’s leather is responsibly sourced in a family-owned tannery in Florence, while their signature razors are finished by hand in Harborough, Leicestershire. Co-Founder Matt states: “If you love our products so much that you carry them with you for years, we’ve done our job.” Highly likely; with hand-turned wooden bowls, brushes, signature razors and handmade soaps, Thomas Clipper redefines the art of shaving.

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