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Black Pedro Chelsea Tire Boot

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From traditional Mexican huaraches to cool leather boots, CANO is a brand that knows exactly how to mix old and new. Each pair of shoes is crafted by expert artisans from locally sourced materials, with an emphasis on sustainability and fair production. The Pedro Chelsea Tire Boot is a pair of handmade Chelsea boots in eco-certified leather.

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    Crafted using techniques inherited from Aztec culture, CANO’s artisan-made huaraches and leather shoes are the best of both worlds – old and new. They believe fairness is the future, and make sure every artisan’s paid fairly in order to help keep the tradition alive. The Pedro Chelsea Tire Boot is a modern remake of the classic Chelsea boot in eco-certified leather. Its close-fitting high ankle is comfortable and flattering, especially with jeans. And because they're Goodyear welted, with a sole made from an upcycled plane tyre, they'll last for season after season.


    CANO’s a brand that pays attention to the details. Their comfortable, ethically made and handcrafted leather shoes are traditionally inspired, but with modern values. Like ensuring artisans are paid a fair wage that respects their knowledge and hard work, and using sustainable, organically sourced materials – found locally to reduce their environmental impact. Every pair of CANO shoes – whether traditional Mexican huaraches or leather boots – has a story to tell. Which means you can see how and where every pair was made, along with the name of the person who made them. Putting the soul into footwear.


    • Fairly Handcrafted in Mexico, • Eco-Certified Leather, • Goodyear-Welt Constructed, • Upcycled Airplane Tire Sole, • A Timeless Design That Lasts Through Seasons

    Special Care

    • Use only a clean dry cloth to remove dirt, • Use a soft brush to dry-smooth clean suede shoes, • Don’t clean them with soap or water