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Lime Basil & Mandarin Grey Mid Set

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Handmade in Suffolk by a married couple who spent 20 years working in fashion, CONCRETE & WAX crafts artisanal candles and candle holders that encourage you to slow down. The Grey Mid Set is a stackable mid-sized wax candle and concrete candle holder with a modular design.

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Add ambience and an artisanal touch to your home with CONCRETE & WAX. Each design-led candle and candle holder is hand-poured, hand-finished and packaged in Suffolk, using locally sourced materials. The Grey Mid Set is a stackable mid-sized wax candle and concrete candle holder with a modular design – part of the modular collection. Each set comes with a candle that's a perfect fit, but once it's burned, you can pair the concrete holder with a slim or tealight candle from Concrete & Wax's collection – a savvy design detail. The collection's designed to be stackable, and the concrete holder comes with a subtle cork foot which gives it a floating look when placed directly onto a surface, or a snug connection when stacked on top of another holder. In muted shades, it's a great accessory for your modern or industrial living space.


CONCRETE & WAX knows a thing or two about the need to slow down. The Suffolk-based candle brand was founded in 2018 by married design duo Alex Sommer and Laura Keller, who worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years – 15 of them spent running their own creative consultancy. So you can expect their candles and candle holders to look good, and be full of creative details – without the fast-paced production process found in the world of fashion. The inspiration for their brand came from Alex’s concrete experiments, with Laura suggesting that wax would be the perfect visual complement – the Mrs Wax to his Mr Concrete. Each piece is hand-poured, hand-finished and packaged in their Suffolk workshop – an artisanal approach, with materials sourced as locally as possible.


• Approx. Dimensions: W: 72mm X H: 66mm (Inc. 6mm Cork Foot), • Approx. Weight: 390gm, • Approx. Holder + Candle Weight: 780gm

Special Care

To best preserve appearance and longevity, please shelter from direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry space. Please use with care and be wary of surrounding objects while burning candles.