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Grey & Blue Marco Scarf – Handpainted Cashmere Scarf

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Putting craftsmanship back at the heart of luxury fashion, Crafted Society’s artisan-made accessories are luxe while remaining transparent, ethical and sustainable. Everything’s made using traditional techniques by experts in Italy. Marco Scarf – Handpainted Cashmere Scarf is a fringed, limited edition patterned scarf in cashmere.

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One size (200cm x 80cm)

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Marco Scarf – Handpainted Cashmere Scarf is a fringed, patterned scarf in cashmere.


Crafted Society believes in luxury for GOOD®, founded in 2016 by husband and wife duo Lise Bonnet and Martin Johnston. Together they share two children, and their clothing brand’s driven by the need to create a better world for them to grow up in, as well as a passion for exquisitely crafted lifestyle pieces. After a trip to New Delhi, the pair knew they had to create a socially responsible brand as a way to have a positive social impact on the world. And Crafted Society lives up to their dreams – an ethical, transparent and socially responsible luxury brand crafting limited edition sneakers, bags and accessories, made by the best artisans in Italy. Wearing Crafted Society isn’t only a fashion statement – it’s a testament to your commitment to a better world for all.


• Grey Blue Olive - Hand Painted, • Fringed Ends, • One Size (180cm X 40cm), • Co-Branded with Name of Lanificio Arca, • Made in Italy

Special Care

Put the scarf in the washing machine on a cold hand wash only program once or twice a year to ensure sure the fibers don't dry out and maintains a long life. Dry flat on a towel. Do NOT tumble dry.

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