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Crafted by Dalgado

Blue Emiliano Braided Suede Belt


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Dalgado makes a subtle statement, so that you can too. They’ve subverted the world of fast fashion, handcrafting their trend-neutral pieces locally. That means their designs are timeless, like this braided suede belt.

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    Handcrafted, well-considered and sustainable: Dalgado's the opposite of fast fashion, but designs accessories that can quickly switch up your look. This classic elastic braided belt can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Its suede leather has a velvet-like touch, with a minimalist silver buckle for a sophisticated take on casual. The braided style means you can easily tie it so that it fits just right.


    Details are the difference for German accessories maker Dalgado. From design to production, every stage is well-considered before it’s carried out. Handcrafted by German and Italian artisans, their belts and gloves are intricate and eye-catching – statement enough to switch up your style, but subtle enough to fit any occasion.


    • Width: 3.5cm/1.38in • 100% made in Italy • Italian suede leather • Rayon lining • Solid brass buckle made in Italy • Adjustable in size • Due to the way this belt is crafted its tip is a bit thicker and therefore best suited for trousers which don’t have very tight loops.

    Special Care

    • Try removing smaller dry stains or scuff marks with a clean bath towel, a clean pencil eraser, an old toothbrush or suede brush. Whichever tool you use, make sure to brush in one consistent direction using short strokes. This will bring up the nap and restore the unique suede texture. • For smaller stains which are still wet, place a paper towel on them and affix the towel with a weight. The towel might absorb the fluids. Afterwards use one of the tools mentioned above to bring up the nap enough to make the stain invisible. • In case of heavier stains or scuff marks, try using a suede cleaning block. Brush gently in the same direction and then brush away the remaining residue with your fingers. You can also try rubbing off the stains with a damp towel and some white vinegar. The vinegar smell will fade over time. • For oil stains, apply a special degreaser leather cleaner for suede on the stain with a cloth and bring the nap up with a suede brush. • Avoid using any chemical stain removers. • Please store in a cool, dry place when unworn to best preserve quality and longevity.