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Eclipse/Dazzling Blue Chess Socks

$ 24
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Take your basics up a notch with Escuyer's quality, well-crafted pieces – simple styles to help carry you through the seasons. Their family-run factories make sure each piece is made to last. The Chess Socks are a pair of colour block socks in a high cotton blend.

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Escuyer's the less basic way to shop basics – their fun, well-made pieces are staples with style. And they're all produced in the very best European factories. The Chess Socks are a pair of colour block socks in a high cotton blend. They were born from a collaboration with another Belgian brand, Castart, and are both elegant and playful – their bold blocks of colour are in easy to style shades. They're super soft and comfortable, but add a sartorial touch to your outfit at the same time.


Escuyer makes more than just quality basics. It makes time too – they make your shopping decision easy, freeing up the modern man from tedious chores like shopping for socks. Their pieces are proudly produced in Europe, in the best factories. And each one’s designed to be elegant as well as functional.


• 80% Cotton, 19% Polyamide, 1% Elastan • Made in Portugal

Special Care

To best preserve my appearance and longevity, please wash me at low temperature (30 degrees Celsius) using a gentle detergent. To avoid shrinking, please do not tumble dry - rather hang me out to dry.