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Pattern Cream Aymara Hot Water Bottle

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Danish design brand Form & Refine does things differently. They’re equally dedicated to preserving both the planet and traditional craftsmanship, and their globally sourced materials are refined by artisans in the same country. Their pieces have a cool, modern silhouette and favour intricate details. The Aymara Hot Water Bottle is a hot water bottle in 100% Super Fine Alpaca wool and natural rubber.

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Dimensions: L: 36 cm, W: 20 cm

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With a modern, Danish aesthetic and a dedication to sustainability and material preservation, Form & Refine is far from your average design brand. Their pieces are crafted by traditional artisans in the same country as the material is sourced, meaning each piece is crafted with generations’ worth of expertise and passion. The Aymara Hot Water Bottle is a hot water bottle in 100% Super Fine Alpaca wool and natural rubber. Alpaca wool was chosen because it's naturally temperature regulating and hypoallergenic, with a super soft finish.


Form & Refine is a Danish design and furniture brand that celebrates materials, valuing form and sustainability equally. Their collections are formed around the character of their materials – which they source globally and craft locally using nearby artisans – and they refine each collection as the years progress. Despite being a new brand with a modern aesthetic, they’re dedicated to preserving both traditional craftsmanship and the planet. Their pieces build on the Nordic design tradition and principles, but their dedication to honouring the best makers means each piece is formed where the materials were found – ensuring that the material can be preserved and honoured by those who know it best.


• Materials: 100% Super Fine Alpaca, • Inner Bottle: Natural Rubber, • Net weight: 100g + 400g Inner Bottle • Place of Origin: Made in Bolivia • Inner Bottle in Rubber is Made in Germany • Inner Cushion is Made in Sri Lanka

Special Care

Dry clean or hand wash gently with warm water and preferably shampoo for washing. Dry it flat and do not hang it. Do Not Machine Wash.