Crafted by Gejst

Black Ash Black NIVO Shelf C

$ 210
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What's in a name? Well, Gejst means enthusiasm and joy, and you can feel both in each of their Scandi-inspired interior pieces. This Danish brand's furniture is contemporary and cool. And the NIVO Shelf C is a minimal wall shelf with a pared-back, seamless look.

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The Nivo Shelf C is a minimalistic wall shelf designed by Böttcher & Kayser for Gejst. Its design is completely pared-back, with no unnecessary details included – only clean lines, meaning it hangs lightly and elegantly on the wall. Each component has been carefully thought out, from the lack of visible screws to the shelves plugged into the wooden poles. Use it to display your books and trinkets.


In English, Gejst translates to enthusiasm and joy – and that’s exactly what this Danish design brand aspires to create with every Scandi-influenced piece they produce. Their furniture and homeware’s contemporary and cool – an easy way to add energy to a simple space.


• Design: Böttcher & Kayser 2017, • Measurements Shelf: H250 x W1180 x D160 mm