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Crafted by Gejst

Black Oak Flex Button

$ 23
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The understated Flex Buttons can be used as mini magnets to hold notes or pictures on your Flex Rail. They come with subtle colouring, so your kids’ drawings will never be outshone!

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Ø 40 mm x 12 mm

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To prevent Flex Button from outshining the item it is putting on display, Flex Button is subtle and simple in its design and expression. Use the Flex Button to keep track of this week’s grocery list– or beautify your home with art prints, the kids’ drawings or this year’s family photo. Flex is a multi-functional storage shelf, just the right size and with all the elements you need for keeping your bits and pieces tidy in all sorts of settings.


Gejst was founded in the Danish town of Odense in 2013, born with true Scandinavian courage. It has always been clear about its focus to create useful, attractive furnishings that stand the test of everyday home usage. Gejst means 'eagerness' or 'enthusiasm' in English. The company always wanted to make small changes to traditional designs, that inspire fresh feelings of positivity. Take their frequent use of magnets - a very simple concept that works like a charm here.


• Designer: Gejst Design Team •This Item Can Be Used with A FLEX RAIL as A Magnet

Special Care

When dirty or dusty, please tend to your item using a clean, damp cloth before leaving it to dry. If any substantial moisture remains after cleaning it, please wipe the surface dry to avoid any staining.

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